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The Happiest Man Living on Earth

“The Happiest Man in the whole World”, who could it be? Got any idea?

He sure must be a billionaire in USA , or a Sultan in Arab . And definitely must be single.

Well, folks you all got it wrong.

He is just a humble security guard in Sri Lanka.

Yes, I’m not joking. Meet Mr.W.V.Sugathapala

Despite all the obstacles and problems in the everyday life the most charming smile never fades from Sugathapala’s face. Sugathapala has chosen to keep his head up and smile through everything in a World full of sorrow, Jealousy, anger, and hatred how the hell is he smiling so sweet? And it’s not like that of an artificial smile of a corrupted politician but a genuine smile came from the very soul of this charming person.

Sugathapala at Monis

Filmmaker, Mike Worsman, is undertaking an odyssey to try to work out the worth of a smile. His journey will take him to the far corners of this planet as he explores the way of the smile and the reasons for its enduring popularity. Mike’s journey will be featured on the site – www. – which will be updated regularly before the project morphs into a feature film and book – “so the reminder of the power of smiles can be with us forever,” It is Sugathapala who has received more than 258,000 votes and topped the list as the “Happiest Man Living on Earth”.

A father of three Welipanna Vithanage Sugathapala is aged 60 and living in Beruwala Duwa, Balawatta, Karandagoda Sri Lanka. Beruwala is a town in Kalutara District, Western Province, Sri Lanka, which marked as the spot for the first Muslim settlement on the island, established by Arab traders around the 8th century AD.

After studied up to the 8th grade, Sugathapala left the school and did many things for living and in 1990 joined the ‘Asian Cotton Mills’ at Mt.Lavinia where he worked till year 2005. Then he joined a private security firm where he was assigned to “New Monis Bakery” at Maggona as a security guard. New Monis Bakery is a traveler’s hot spot for a quick snack on their way to South Cost (You will miss these interesting places and people if you use the Southern highway) and back.

Sugathapala invite all the vehicles passes by the bakery in a very energetic way of his own, making funny gestures, whistling and saluting yet never forgetting to make his famous charming smile. Who can reject such a warm welcome? He is indeed a valuable asset to any institution, because it is very much rare to find such a polite security guard. So next time you are heading Galle, do not forget to meet Sugathapala and share a smile.

In this touching video, it shows him just smiling and enjoying his day teaching us all an important lesson on how we can live life in a very powerful way – whatever our circumstances!

Be Happy with everyone, smile, have fun and die that way. That’s what I tell The World. That is all you can do. ” – W.V.Sugathapala

If you want to contact Mr. Sugathapala, His phone numbers – 0774402314 or 034 5612311

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Sandun joined Lanka Help Magazine as a contributor in June, 2011. He has been consistently writing articles to our magazine. Many useful articles of this site are under Sandun's name.

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