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It’s not a haapy ending for Arjuna and Amisha

Popular film stars Arjuna Kamalanath and Amisha Kavindi has split. It’s not for another scene in a film to come but for real. The two of them had a long relationship that was quite popular in the film industry. Amisha played a main role in Arjuna’s latest film”Igillenna ayi Dangalanne” with Arjuna.

However the film was suddenly removed from the cinemas while the news spread that Amisha has left the country because she is having an affair with another guy. When Arjuna was asked what’s the actual behind the rumours spread, he said

‘Yes, it’s true that we have broken-up our long relationship, but it happened about six months ago. We have decided to stop it due to the miss-matches in our horoscopes. It was not an easy decision for both of us because we have both our parent’s blessings for our love affair.”

“Amisha and I visited several of astrologers and all advices us not to proceed our relationship any further, and it was them who advice Amisha to left the country for couple of years. So she has gone to stay with her sister in Doha Quatar.”

Arjuna came to the Hiru Television Talk Show “Niro & Stars” about two weeks back and was asked when they are getting married. He simply said that “ When time comes we are not ready and when we are ready it’s not the right time to marry.”

Arjuna Kamalanath first entered to the silver screen on year 2000 in film “Thisaravi” while Amisha came to the lime light in 2009 in Roy De Silva’s “Sir Last Chance”. Arjuna was the closest successor for the legendary star Vijaya Kumaranatunga, having the same features and the talents to capture the hearts of the cinema lovers in the country. Although Arjuna worked with several actresses, Amisha used to act with Arjuna most of the time. Some accused Arjuna not allowing her to act with other actors but he denied it. Amisha played a very romantic scene in “Igillenna ai Dangalanne” with Arjuna and said that she would not be able to do such a scene other than Arjuna.

A couple of years ago Arjuna stated that;
“I was searching for a partner with similar tastes and expectations. Ameesha fit the role as she is serious about developping her acting skills. She concentrates on movies and does not take on projects like mega teledramas seeking publicity,”

According to Arjuna two of them are still good friends and even Amisha used to call him twice a week.
“In fact Amisha was so disappointed with the industry, that she was ready to give-up acting after this film. A well-known director and an actor was behind removing our film from screening, and that made her leave the country so soon.”

In films we always like to see a happy ending, but unfortunately these talented young couple could not make it a happy ending.

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