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‘I want to become someone like Sura Saradiel’ – Chef Pabilis Silva

‘I want to become someone like “Saradiel” but not in a notorious manner.

If someone asks who the first Governor in Sri Lanka is, then you have to think a while before answer. But if you were asked who Saradiel is, then even a child would answer it in a second.

I want to make such impression in Sri Lankan’s minds.’ Pabilis Silva explained his ambition being the legendary Chef who has brought the Sri Lankan cuisine to the World.

The kitchen helper who was employed as a coal carrier in Mount Lavinia Hotel in 1957 became the Executive chef and currently served in the capacity of Director Culinary Affairs and Promotions in Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Everyone knows almost everything about this simple man as he was interviewed many a times. So this article was not meant to repetition. Instead do you know what this gentleman’s daily routine is?

Publis SilvaFor Pabilis Silva day begins at 3.00a.m. Before his beloved wife Vimala awakes Pabilis starts the first job in the morning, making “kola kenda” (herbal porridge). With years of practice Mrs. Vimala knows that husband is at kitchen and rushed to join him.

“We used to prepare a pot of kola kenda every day, my wife prepares it while I’m preparing tea. I like to start my day serving a tea to my wife with a fruit. After that we pluck flowers to worship”

Then it is time to have a bath, and after that two of them worship Lord Buddha together. Offering a pot of kola kenda to temple is a daily ritual of Pabilis and he leaves the house exactly 5.30a.m. to the temple.

Pabilis Silva reports to the work at 6.30 a.m. every day and he works 365 days in a year, you cannot find another chef in the whole world in this caliber. He is there till 6.30 p.m. if not engaged in another duty somewhere else. Family life is number two in this man’s agenda, and whether they like it or not there is no complains about it. After all this exceptional individual is a national wealth and he is engage in a quest to gain an international recognition to the Sri Lankan cuisine.

“I went up to the third grade in school, but now I’m an Executive Chef in a world renowned Hotel. I even have the blessings of the invisible powers in this hotel.”

This gentleman’s gratitude for the Mount Lavinia hotel is so much that he is not willing to join another hotel for any price. Both, Mount Lavinia Hotel and Chef Publis Silva are synonymous in identity.

“They don’t have enough money to buy me” proudly said this noble gentleman.

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