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September 29, 2016

‘Me Tharam Digu Ayi Rathriya’ – Sashika Nisansala

By Sandun W - Fri Sep 13, 7:55 pm

Sashika Nisansala released her newest song to the media yesterday 12th September. The song “ Metharam digu ai rathriya” was broadcasted on Hiru Television’s daily music programme ‘ Count Down’.
Lyrics by Kashyapa Sathyapriya De Silva and the music was done by Darshana Ruwan Dissanayake. The visuals were done by Studio High End.
This song was the third new song Sashika has released in this year. ‘Unu Kandulak wee’ was the first to release on February and in March she has released the song ‘Malsra Heesarin’. Both songs got huge popularity among music lovers and Sashika expects same for the latest song.

Sandun W

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    Thanks for sharing this nice song. 

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