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Nirosha Virajanie Keeps Love On Hold

“Love is not a priority for me at the moment. It is true that our thinking changes over the time. Also, some gain their life satisfaction by marriage and having two or three children. But at present I enjoy engaging in music alone. Music gives me a peace of mind.  I’m not going to ruin it. It doesn’t mean I will remain single rest of my life;  Things may change in future and no one can predict about future”. Comments Nirosha Virajanie in an interview with a weekend newspaper.

Nirosha Virajini is regarded as most accomplished singer with melodious voice in Sri Lankan music arena. She has been able to keep her popularity steady over the years now. Despite facing many turbulences in her personal life, particularly, marriage life, it seems that she is now more focused on music.

Nirosha Virajini

I have released couple of songs recently with senior lyric writers and composers. Before that I have worked with several talented new composers and lyric writers. As a judge in music re

ality shows I have seen many talented singers. Unfortunately, most of them failed to make their existence after the competition as they thought it’s the responsibility of the TV channels to guide and help them in their career. Only very few of reality stars like Shihan Mihiranga and Amila Perera have managed to keep their popularity”.
Commenting on songs done to be sold as ‘ringing tones’ to mobile phone companies Nirosha said that only the songs with simple words can be used for that purpose and she did not target the ringing tone market for her new songs. Nirosha was also blamed for singing the late Malini Bulathsinhala’s all-time favorite “Himi nathi pemakata “for a ringing tone but she thoroughly denied that saying;

“The lyric writer of the particular song was in a crisis and decided to sell it for a ringing tone. I had the permission from the music composer as well for this venture to help the senior artist. If anyone can prove I have earned a Rupee from that song, I am ready to apologize in public.”

“ It’s a universal law that the lyric writer and the composer are the co-owners of a song, if I make an issue over another being singing my songs then I will make a fool of myself. If I sing ‘Rukmani Devi’s song for a show it doesn’t mean it belongs to Nirosha Virajani. Likewise I’m happy if my songs will be sung by others after my death because the people know that the songs were originally sung by me.”

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