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I have a good demand – Nirosha Perera

Nirosha Perera is a well-known TV presenter and an actress who has first came to the field from Sirasa TV.Irosha Perera is her younger sister with whom she has presented the popular talk show “Iroshai Niroshai” some years back in Sirasa TV. Nirosha’s elder sister Nilushi Perera acted in a tele drama several years ago but now she is married and settled down. Presently Nirosha appears in Hiru TV with her latest talk show ‘Niro and the Stars’. Following is a translation of an interview she had recently with a week end newspaper.

How’s the feedback you get recently?
I’m getting good comments for ‘Niro & Stars’.

Any negative feedbacks ?
I’m presenting it in a manner to get appreciations.

You often appear in short dresses; don’t you think it’s indecent?
It’s in viewer’s eyes not in my dress.


Do you believe all the things you do acceptable to our culture?
Whatever I do, I do it here in Sri Lanka, I can’t satisfy all, everyone has the right to choose the programs he or she should watch because the remote controller is with them, but the funny thing is the people who blame me continue watching my programs without changing the channel.

Don’t you feel it’s high time to get married?
Age is not a barrier for marriage, but I’m not ready to get marry to satisfy others who asked about it. And if I want I will do it without making a big show.

Then you might do it as a secret marriage?
I don’t have a secret life.

Does that mean you don’t have a desire to get married or there is no one to get your hands?
I have all the happiness and peace in my small family with my mother and sisters and don’t feel like getting married at the moment.

Do you think a woman can live without getting married in this society?
Yes of course!  if she has a good income source and enough courage

What are ‘Nirosha’s’ qualities?
A simple, innocent, peaceful person without anger and hatred towards others and, one who understands the truth in this world. I eats well goes to bed early any will scarify anything to read books.

Then Nirosha is a religious person!
Yes I’m a devoted Buddhist and I believe in past sin and merit. Our life here is predetermined and we only have to continue it since our birth.

What’s the purpose of Nirosha’s life?
To help others and to make people happy.

You try to show that you are simple; Are you really a simple person ?
I believe in Eightfold way of things and do not have great expectations in my life.

Don’t you find your simplicity a disadvantage?
Not at all, I’m living the way I wants. If other’s considering it my stupidity, well I’m saying it’s my humanity.

Should a woman well-behaved?
How do you measure it? And why women only?

You have been sold time to time for different TV channels?
There should be a demand in order to be sold, so that means I have a good demand.

Do you exploit your field?
I respect my field and never exploit it.

Do others in the field ever try to abuse you?
I never let anyone abuse me and others may not like to receive an unforgettable lesson from me by trying to do so.

Do you go clubbing?
I normally go to sleep by eight or nine in the night, so no one invites me for clubbing.

Do you use drugs?
No I’m not and others do not use them in front of me.

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