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Win Google Toffees & Enjoy New Improvements On Google Search’s 15th B’Day

Google search engine is celebrating its 15th Birth Day today. Search Engine was Google’s first product and launched in September 1997 (Wonder or Remember How Google Search Home Page looked like back in 1997? – Go Down and See the Image). As of today Google Search is available in 123 languages. Now Google owns many other online and offline products. Google Search Engine get its revenue from Adwords.

Google has added a number of improvements to its search engine celebrating the 15th Birth Day. Google Plus started posting its announcements on new improvement yesterday. Here are few improvements that have been made.

  • More streamlined experience on mobile and tablet
  • Improvements to the Knowledge Graph so uses can filter and do comparisons for complex questions
  • Better answers for songs and staying on top of your day by setting reminders across your devices.
  • New Google Search App for iOS (previewed) – Google Now notifications and the ability to say “OK Google” to speak your question hands-free.

Google is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web. Web masters all around the world are optimizing their web sites to match Google’s standards as Google is the main source of organic web traffic.

As a user of Google Search Engine you must have noticed its changes in the appearance. Here is how Google Home Page looked back in 1998.

How google home page looked when it was first launched
Google is constantly doing improvements to its search engine to enhance the quality of the search results. As an end user you are getting all the benefits of accurate and efficient web searching experience.

On special occasions, Google makes changes to look of its logo on the search engine home page known as “Google Doodle”. This may be a picture, drawing, or animation and clicking on the logo links to a list of Google search results about the particular topic. It is usually done for a special event or day although not all of them are well known. On its 15th Birth Day Google Doodle has done the same but it is not linked to search results but you can earn toffees. Yes Good way to celebrate a birthday!

Google is giving away free toffees. You can try as much as you can to get maximum number of toffees. You get ten sticks at one play and you can replay to get more toffees. Don’t want to waste time ? OK here is the easy link go and get them all. Also, do not forget to comeback and tell us how many toffees you got. I got 116 toffees and let us know how many toffees you got.

Here is the video me playing. I managed to get 116 and let us know how many toffees you got.


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