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How To Apply For American Green Card Lottery Without Paying Money For Racketeers

It may be a dream of some of yours to live in the United States of America. So you may have already heard of Green Card. It is the identification document of permanent residence of America. So Green Card is the informal name for Permanent Resident Identification Document.

The Untied States of America issues 50,000 permanent resident visas each year for people in selected countries. Green Card Lottery is also called Diversity Visa Lottery as their aim is to get more people from the countries which represent less number of peoples in their immigrant population. Sri Lankans also can apply for green Card Lottery and winning the lottery will be the first step to get Permanent Resident Visa in America by this method.

Sri Lankans also have a big interest to apply for Green Card through this lottery program.  Many of those who are trying to applying for Green Card Lottery spend money unnecessarily, because of their unawareness about the proper procedure.

Green Card lottery

There are many agents in Sri Lanka who charged money to submit this simple application.  Before I describe as to how you can submit the application let me give you some insight in to American Green Card Lottery Program and Permanent Residency Status.

When one become a permanent residence you can enjoy the most of benefits and facilities enjoyed by American Citizens other than eligibility to vote and become a member of arm forces. Also there are some other restrictions and regulations to keep the permanent residency status. As it is not the scope of the articles to describe the benefits of PR status and obligations I ll move to describe more about the Green Card Lottery Program.

As I mentioned earlier Green Card Lottery  is an annual event and submitting an application is only the first step. You do not have to pay a penny to submit your application and good thing is that you can submit your application online. Any body who is having basic eligibility requirements can apply. For your knowledge there are few countries which are not eligible for applying to Green Card Lottery (Eg. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Jamaica, Canada, etc) Once the applications are submitted; winners are selected by computer generated drawing program.

This year (2014) lottery online application will be open from 1st of October to 2nd of November . During this period you can submit your application for the lottery by visiting the official web site given below. Again I emphasis and it is the main purpose of writing this article that submitting of the application for lottery is free. You have to be aware of local agents who charge money and also bogus web sites which charges you while pretending to help you out.

Once you submit your application you will be given an identification number. It is important that you remember this you need the number to check whether you have won the lottery. Should you submit the application this year, Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check for Diversity Visa Program would be available until September 30, 2014

The winners will be called for an interview with an American Visa Officer. You have to pay a fee for this interview and the Visa Officer will decide whether you are suitable candidate to grant Permanent Resident Visa.

We are not going to discuss the the basic eligibility criteria in details in this article. In summary there is no maximum or minimum age and an applicant can only submit a one application. Also, you have to meet the education requirement and that is minimally having a basic university degree or. having passed three subjects in Advanced Level Examination (with out English). Work experience eligibility is something you should check if you do not meet this basic educational qualifications.

It is also important to remember that if you are given the permanent residency status you have to be able to support you and your family when you start living in the USA. You will not be given any financial assistant other than new immigrant’s settlement community programs. It is your responsibility to find a job  and settling in the USA.

Interested in applying for Green Card Lottery – Here is the link to official web site –

[Please note that this is not an official article and only for educational  purpose to give you an overview of the procedure.]


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