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I wish I receive a letter

Did you receive a letter recently from anyone close to you? No, I’m not referring an email, a hand written letter. Hmm… You don’t remember don’t you? Tell you the truth, even I didn’t remember it either. The technology has changed over life style dramatically over the time unaware by most of us.

There were times that parents wait anxiously for a letter from their beloved son or daughter who works abroad or in the city, and lovers sigh and spent sleepless nights till a letter to receive from their Saul mates. The ring of the Postman’s bicycle bell is the sweetest tune in the whole world as it is the sign of receiving the long awaited letter, yet the same ring of the bell would be able to collapse the whole world in a second if the postman leaves without stopping at the entrance. Just imagine the joy of receiving the long anticipated letter, a glimpse of letter or two in the address is enough to recognize it. Those letters convey the joy, happiness, sorrow and dozens of other human emotions of the people to one another in a very warmth manner.

LetterI still remember my school mates used to write love letters to their girlfriends in a very romantic poetic language. When a boy received one from his girlfriend it will be read by all his friends, poor girls don’t know the culprits have a fun of their letters. They used special fragrant papers with decorated borders in rainbow colours to write those letters, unfortunately the lovers of this millennium missed all these “value additions” in their emails and text massages, may be because they don’t want to waste their precious time to be spent on Facebook, mobile phone or Skype.

Parents filled their letters with load of advices to their beloved children and children also likes to receive long letters from parents, but there were times when parents receive a letter with one or two lines as a feedback from children who do not understand the love of their parents. Mostly it was girls who used to write long letters with all the gossips around and even with long details of how she spent the in absence of her boy or husband. When received a short letter back the next letter will be started with a threat of stop writing again which eventually converted to a grievance in the latter part of the letter.

Mobile phone, email, online chat facilities has compress the world that anyone could convey massages in a second. It doesn’t matter if you live far away from your loved ones because the technology will bring them to you in lightning fast. But do you believe it has the same warm feeling of getting a hand written letter from your loved one? Ever received a letter from your kid in his crooked hand writing?, will it be the same feeling having a telephone conversation with him or she?

Sri Lanka Postal Department has recently stopped the telegram facility and most of us nowadays receive only utility bills and other official letters by post. But I wish if someone send me a letter by post. I have to make a confession before ending this article, I have not written a letter for the past twenty five years.

Sandun W

Sandun joined Lanka Help Magazine as a contributor in June, 2011. He has been consistently writing articles to our magazine. Many useful articles of this site are under Sandun's name.

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