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‘I regret my past decisions’ – Nilmini Tennakoon

She was the radical fiancée’ who has turned in to the tear drop in small screen, Nilmini Tennakoon is one of the most loved actress in field of Tele dramas. Once Nilmini was crowned as the ‘tear drop’ in small screen. Despite all the obstacles she has gone through in the past, Nilmini is now a courageous and matured woman who looks after her young daughter and mother.

You looks tired?
Yes, but I have to look after my daughter and mother, it’s not easy to face the challenge of living single.

How’s your latest TV show “Sith Giman Hala”?
Tell you the truth I really enjoy conducting that program, after all it is a great merit to help healing one’s sorrow even by a single word or two.

Nilmini_-_Ternakoon_(6)We still portray “Deepthi” from you.

Yes “Deepthi “was the major success of my career and I still wonder how people has embraced and remember that character even now.

We missed similar characters nowadays in the Tele dramas’, why is that?
That’s because there is a war among TV channels to become popular through mega tele dramas. One actor or actress is appear in three or four tele dramas in different TV channels and most of them are boring and meaningless. And I wonder how people catch up with all these tele dramas.

But you also participated in some of them?
True, in one or two. But I left aside after realizing those are meaningless and now I really wants to do a strong character. I want to attend it by heart.

You recently acted in “Girikula”?

That is one of favorite novels I have read. Author Shanthi Dissanyake has created the strong character of ‘ Dingiri Amma” and full credit must be given to the man behind the camera who has done an exceptional job. It’s one of the best and by heart character I have done.

You have brought excellence to the small screen, but appear less in silver screen?
Yes, I have done all most all the characters in tele dramas, but I got limited opportunities to display my ability in cinema because of the draw backs inherited to that field. It was Roy and Sumana who have introduced me to the cinema and I really grateful to them.

Do you act targeting awards?

Most of the tele dramas I have acted was awarded many a times and even if I appear less in cinema almost all of them were awarded or nominated for awards. My last film was Udayakantha’s ‘Le kiri kandulu’ for which I became the best actress in ‘Sarasaviya’ film awards. It’s sad to see that Udaya aiyya left the tele drama field because I really like to do a character under him once again.

Do you get enough money through acting to look after your dependents?
I have a Salon of my own and can managed as I satisfy with what I get.

You have broken your second marriage?

That marriage was done after a very short meeting. Nirosha Virajini quite rightly commented recently on our marriages that; “We have not broken our marriages purposely, unfortunately our mates did not understand our feelings, we too like to live a happy wedded life”. Even Samitha also commented that it was not our choice to step in to the same boat. Women’s’ destiny is strange, love is her whole world, unfortunately most of the men do not understand it.

You had a loveable past?
Madu…. The fiancé whom I loved most, and who became my husband and the beloved father of my daughter Swetha. I have tried my level best to protect our family but it was ruined by a thunder storm, but I still cherished the memories of the past , how Madu and I first met, how we fallen in love and how we have planned our marriage together.

Don’t you wish if Madu still with you and do you regret the decision you have made?
Yes I regret and wish million times if Madu is still with us. But now I have a clear vision of our lives here, it’s all some kind of illusion, we embraced things and people that happened to meet within the journey of life and then suffer a lot .I try to build my present life according to the Buddhist teaching. I’m a woman who expects more love and when I go to sleep now I feel the loneliness, only the warmth of my daughter is beside me today.

Don’t you meet Madu now?
Why not? We are not rivals, Madu attends every important occasion of Swetha, he may be married to someone else but he was my first love. When I met with that terrible accident, he never left me and did his best to save his first wife and the mother of his daughter. I still convey merits to Madu for not let me down when I was in trouble.

Once Dananjaya said you were one of the best actresses in Sri Lanka.

I still love him as a brother of mine, in fact it was me who encouraged him to be an actor, and I wish him all the best for his career.

Where is the ‘singer’ within you?

Ah, it’s still with me and I promised my fans that I will release a new song near future.

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