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Lesser Known Facts About Irangani Serasinghe

She is like our local Elizabeth Taylor in Cinema and Sitcom. It is none other than famous and highly talented old girl, Iranganie Serasinghe , who emerged through “Rekawa” produced by famous director, screen writer, and producer, Sir Lester James Peiries. Sure, you might want to know following facts about her and about her life.

Full Name – Irangnaie Roxanna Serasinghe
Born in – 1931 – 86 years of age

Education – Entered to University of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1947- Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Acting Career – Adolescent star – Participated in various stage drama scenes during her campus life as a hobby. She was an active member of University of Colombo Drama Society.
Irangani SerasinghaAfter graduation, Iranganie Serasinghe began her career as a teacher in Musaeus Girl’s School in Colombo, Sri Lanka. While in teaching career, she got a chance to go to England to explore and study Arts and Drama in depth. After two years of her studies in London School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art, she returned to mother lanka with hope of teaching again in a high school. However, Iranganie did not get a teaching position in a high school, and she found work as a journalist in “Times Of Ceylon” Newspaper. She worked there for nearly four years. While involved in journalism, she attended stage drama practices in Colombo. By accidently Iranganie got invitation to act in “Rekawa” film, and there onwards her formal acting career began. Iranganie acted in “Sandeshaya,” “Ransalu,” “ Delowak Athara,” and “Bak Maha Deege,” which were hits on cinema. Iranganie says she loves stage more than sitcoms and films in her life. She contributed lots of time for stage drama in her life as a dedicated actress.
Iranganie took local dancing lessons from famous dancer, Chithrasena. Due to her parents oppose, she put full stop to it after a short time. Iranganie also did private tuition classes for young students as she did not receive any position on high school teaching. She believes that people who involve in doing various jobs have tendency to collect vast experiences to their lives. Iranganie says being in the entertainment industry for a long time had given her lots of experience. She says she is lucky to work with different people in the society as she gained understanding of society and world in depth.

Iranganie is extremely happy about her journey as an actress. She says there is no regret being in the entertainment industry as everyone treated her with respect and love. Iranganie also cared about everyone around her; on the set and off the set. She was a mother figure to many around her.

Personal life– She got married to Mr. Winston Serasinghe who had acted with her in “Rekawa” film (her 2nd husband) in 1960s. She had a short time marriage with Professor Dissanayake beforehand. Iranganie lost her eldest son in a motor accident and now she is living with her youngest son and his family. She loves spending time with her two grandsons. Her dream is to help her son and two grandsons to have a better future. Iranganie Serashinghe is someone who loves nature and loves spending time in tranquil environment with lots of natural materials.

We, Lanka Help Wish Her Long and Prosperous Life Blessed With Many Good Things!

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