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A Deadly Drug Which Eats Human Flesh

Sometimes when we do thing we never think about the result. We merely do them. Specially teenagers are vulnerable to such actions. Although our country still owns a preserved culture and good values, the slow degradation of the youth of the nation has already begun. Drug-addiction has become one of the suppurating wounds which cannot be healed that easily.

A deadly drug which eats the human flesh and makes you look like a zombie has entered into Sri Lanka. It is reported that the drug is not that expensive and is sold at clubs and beach parties. The drug is said to be extremely addictive. Once the drug is injected the addiction augments and the addicts are forced to use more and more with no health concern.

The drug known as Krokodil was first made in United States and reports convey that last weekend five people were hospitalized in Chicago with symptoms similar to that of Krokodil injection. This drug causes direct damage to veins and tissues and tear them up making the appearance zombie-like. Rotting gums, jaw and facial bone infections were also seen in the patients. After sometime the injected person will lose significant portions of their bodies due to the tissues being subjected to dissolving. The pain is obviously immeasurable.

So far there are no confirmed cases of Krokodil injected people being admitted to hospitals here in Sri Lanka. But the reports over the island say that the drug has already being introduced to those who have been addicted to drugs. The patients once being injected by this deadly drug will not survive for a long time. The drug has already conquered countries like Russia and Ukraine. The drug makes noses, ears and lips rot.

Drug-addicts usually pop anything they get their hands on into their body without further thinking. Teenagers try drugs out of mere curiosity. When addiction follows they also have fallen prey to a deadly situation.

Awareness on drugs must be built specially among those who are in the school-going age. The direct and most appropriate step which the authorities will have to follow is the prohibition of drugs and letting the law and judiciary play their role once the importers of these drugs are found. Medical authorities will have to play a major role in this situation as addiction is mainly a mentally illness and hard to be cured. Educating the addicts in a proper manner and initiating state institutions to carry on building awareness have become necessary.

Before we lose many lives in our society because of these deadly drugs, we must create our own strong barrier to stop this invasion.

Ruvindra Sathsarani

Young Ruwindra joined Lanka Help Magazine as a writer in October 2013. She has a great desire to become a journalist. Her articles have been published in many national papers.

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