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Crown Resorts – Casino and Entertainment Complex in Sri Lanka – Videos+

Crown is a major group which provides entertainment and gaming facilities in Australia expanding throughout the globe and wholly-owns and operates many casino resorts including Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne and Perth. The world class luxury resorts provide a wide variety of facilities including resort pools, luxury spas,casinos, theaters and centers for entertainment. The contribution of Crown Resorts to the Australian economy alone has exceeded $2.9 billion annually. Employment opportunities are also sprung out through these resorts.

Crown Sri Lanka is intended to be a 5-star luxury resort situated in the heart of Colombo. This will provide all the luxurious facilities provided by Crown Resorts including new casino resorts and other sights for entertainment. A specially designed water feature will also be established to augment the attraction of both local and foreign tourists on the Beira Lake. Crown Sri Lanka Resort will accommodate tourists in 450 luxurious rooms and will provide facilities for event hosting, conferences, gaming arenas and signature dinning experiences. This will be a great opportunity for Sri Lanka to attract more foreign tourists which will directly boost up the country’s economy. Major international conferences and events can also be carried out in this luxurious resort. Meanwhile the Australian Cricket Captain has agreed to take part in the training and providing education aspects of the project.

How Crown Sri Lanka Resort in Colombo Going to look Like

The external features and it’s colorful designs are done to attract the eye of the tourist and this will most probably be known as the best hotel in Sri Lanka with it’s five star quality service. The contemporary and elegant designs will enhance the quality of the establishment ensuring all commercial aims of a country like Sri Lanka where “development” has become the most concerned goal of all parties. Crown Sri Lanka will consolidate the fact that Sri Lanka is one of the major destinations of travel and tourism.

Proposed Crown Resort in Sri Lanka

Graphic Image of Proposed Crown Resort – Casino & Entertainment Complex in Sri Lanka

Eco-friendly designs will decorated the establishment and the designs are further intended to be carried out in a manner where the culture and tradition of a nation is preserved. Sri Lanka will also be able to compete with other countries in the tourism industry on a global scale. While the appeal of the tourists are boosted up the tourism industry throughout the country is expected to be benefited. The proposed Crown Training College will also benefit the unemployed youth of the nation. New jobs will be generated and more roads will be opened up to students and job seekers in the tourism industry.

Australian Cricket Captain Micheal Clark is the educational ambassador in Crown Resort Sri Lanka Project

Michael Clarke has agreed to work closely with Crown on the education and training aspects of the proposed project

Crown Resorts also carry the opinion that they have a huge social responsibility in securing the culture of a country like Sri Lanka. They intend to work closely with the government representatives to mitigate environmental hazards and the preservation of the nature around the hotel. The gaming and entertainment projects will also be carried out with responsibility and Crown assures that Responsible Services and Gaming initiatives will be carried out. the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation (VCGR) recognized Crown’s leadership , stating: “Crown Melbourne’s responsible gaming program is among the best in the world”
With the establishment of Crown Sri Lanka, the citizens can look forward to an era of development in all sectors while securing a splendid name in the global tourism industry.

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