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Aseka Wijewardane, the daughter of Channa and Upuli

Dancing is her passion as she inherited it from her legendary parents. One cannot take their eyes away even for a second when she performs; her body is so flexible that it has the buoyancy of a feather. Aseka Wijewardane is this talented young dancer. The much loved daughter of the parents who portray the grace of “Isurumuni Lovers” in the Sri Lankan dancing arena; Channa and Upuli Wijewardane. Aseka is the great combination of both ‘PaniBharatha’ and ‘Wijewardane’ dancing generation.

“The meaning of my name ‘Aseka’ is ‘one who has the knowledge or understanding in everything’. I have just begun my life and I will gain knowledge as I walk through my life.”
‘I have studied in Arts stream and preparing to enter to the University of Kelaniya for my degree in Arts.”

‘My parents never forced me into dancing, in fact I did not like dancing when I was a little girl, and I was on to drawing at that time. But I used to see dancing every day since my birth and it gradually develop my liking to dance. There is no intention what so ever of carry forward our dancing legacy or to gain popularity through dancing in my liking to dancing now.’

images 2‘I normally get popularity because of my parents, but I took dancing not because of the mere popularity, I saw my father teach dancing and I came to understand that it’s not that simple to become a professional dancer as dancing has a deep spiritual meaning. When compared with my father’s knowledge I’ m just a newborn.’

‘We can express our country’s soul to the world through dancing, not only that it also express our rich tradition, culture and performing art to the world. Our own greeting “Ayubowan” itself has a deep meaning. The rhythm of our qualities has a unique value that cannot be found nowhere in rest of the world.’

Aseka is the dancer appear in “Nestamalt” advertisement and thinks it’s not bad to use any form of art to a creative production.

Speaking about her family life Aseka comments;
‘Some don’t like being the only child in the family but I adore it. I never felt lonely as there were many young use to be at our home practicing and all of them treated me as their own sister so I’m glad that I have uncountable brothers and sisters.’

‘Many admire my dancing style stating that it has an extraordinary buoyance. I consider it as a merit from my previous life. I have a great challenge not only from my fellow dancers but also with myself, nobody is perfect and there is much to learn. My father and mother are my favorite dancers but I admire Vindya Warakagoda a lot and I learnt a lot from her.’

‘I’m aged 21and  thinks there is plenty of time left to think about love and all, for the time being we practice a lot as we have concerts almost every day.’

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