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Nanotechnology Opens a New Technological Revolution

Development of a country is beckoned by it’s technological progress. We are living in an era where technological advancements have been interconnected with the lives we lead. Without new innovations life in the world we live in is not facilitated. We have already witnessed Social Revolutions back in 1960’s and the Industrial Revolution before that. Now the world awaits new Technological Revolutions.

Sri Lanka’s first Nanotechnology Research Center and Nano-science Park were recently introduced marking a huge success in the technological development of the country. Situated in Pitipana, Homagama the establishment covers 50 acre of land proving to the whole world that Sri Lanka is ready to be Asia’s “Knowledge Hub”. The state believes that the Nanotechnology Research Center will benefit the future generation creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs and scientists. The Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) together with the Ministry of Technology and Research decided to build a Nano-science Park in June 2012 and the result was the construction of this establishment with the help of both government and private sectors. The intentions of this research center are; to provide support for local industries in order to develop quality products, to enhance the functioning of the agricultural sectors, to develop the mining and quarrying sectors and to pave way to new twists and turns in the future technological advancements in the country. Advanced plant nutrients,chemicals and fertilizers are to be introduced through nanotechnology which would directly support the country’s economic growth and sustainable development. The research center also plans to support the tea industry of the country.

In the process of extraction of Titanium Dioxide, Ilmenite is used and at present Sri Lanka imports it from other countries. It is a fact known that many areas in the island are rich in Ilmenite like Pulmudai. But unfortunately we have been importing Ilmenite during the last few years under huge costs. It is believed that Sri Lanka possesses more than 20 million metric tons of Ilmenite deposits and the country ranks ninth in the list of world’s largest deposits. The research institute states that they have figured out favorable ways and means of extracting Ilmenite to use up in extraction processes.

The Nanotechnology Institution was established through the funds and help gained through a public-private partnership and hence intends to support private industries also. They are with the hope that Nanotechnology would be useful in the apparel industry and have already taken steps to make fabrics which would resist UV rays and provide protection from the radiations.At present SLINTEC has already started to work with MAS Holdings and Brandix with research.

The improvements introduced to the Nanotechnology Institution will benefit each and every citizen of Sri Lanka and will help us to be identified as a country with developed technology in South Asia. And in the long run it will also let us compete with other countries with the introduction of new inventions. Without any doubt this new research center could be regarded as a “national blessing” which would benefit the country in many ways.

Ruvindra Sathsarani

Young Ruwindra joined Lanka Help Magazine as a writer in October 2013. She has a great desire to become a journalist. Her articles have been published in many national papers.

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