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“Maa” Program Featuring Samitha Mudunkotuwa & Family

Maa” is a popular program in Sri Lanka Rupavahini. This program features Sri Lankan musicians accompanied by their loved ones who also have some music talent. This program telecast on every Tuesday nights as a live musical program.

Yesterday it was popular Singer Samitha Mudunkotuwa and her family. Samitha Adikari was married to popular singer Athula Adikari and they have two children. Samitha’s daughter Kavindya Adhikari, son Shane Adhikari and her mother Kumari Bothota.

Music was provided by Ajith Jayaweera and his group. “Maa” program is facilitated by popular announcer Mahesh Nishshanka who has been doing similar musical program in Rupavahini for last few years.

Kavindya Adhikari - Ahula and Samitha's DaughterDuring the program Kavindya revealed that she is in the first year of A/L and spending her spare time with her brother. Kavindya is a student of Colombo Buddhist Ladies College. Kavindya also a TV presenter now and she brings a teen musical program along with Sunflower leader Neel Warnakulasuriya’s son Yuki Warnakulasuriya. Kavindya Adhikari sang Billi Fernando’s “Rae Ahase“. When Kavindya was asked why she chose that song she said that she likes that song very much. Kavindya also spoke about her dad’s love for her and brother. When Mahesh requested her to sing one of dad’s song she sang “hitha assata sihina godaak“. Later, Mahesh got Samitha to sing the same. Kavindya sang Samitha’s hit song “Oba hinda” as her second song with music in the program.

It is a feature of this program that the invited artist is asked to sing a song from someone not related. Samitha had selected Sujatha Aththanayaka’s “Ada Hawasata Maa Hamuwenu Manawi“.

The shy boy Shane is a student of Gateway International School in Rajagiriya and he is in grade 5. When Shane revealed that he likes music at the very beginning of the program it was clear that he would sing a song. Amazing all of us Shane sang part of master Amaradewa’s song “Adwanwu denethin galana” and Samitha was supporting him.

Samitha sang “Pinna pipena rae yame” as her first song. Samitha is the only child in the family and she claimed that she had a wonderful childhood under her loving parents. Samitha admits that it was her mother who was behind her success. Mahesh asked from Samitha “Do you still love Athula” and her answer was short and it was a big “YES”. Samitha then sang her second song of the day – “Gumu gumuwaswadhule” which she initially sang for “Wisidhala” sinhala film. Samitha sang Athula Adhikari’s song “Rae Hoarawe” which Athula sang back in 1988. Samitha admitted that her favorite singer is Athula Adhikari.

Kumari Bothota, Samitha’s mother, revealed that Samitha was born on January 09, 1973. Mrs. Bothota appreciated National Television’s contribution to introduce her to the field. Senior artist Edward Jayakody joined the program over the phone and praise the singing skills and music knowledge of the family. Edward Jayakody has been a student of Samitha’s father, Premadasa Mudunkotuwa, during his preparation for “Wisharadha” exam. Edward revealed that Samitha has been one of Edward and Charitha’s bridesmaid on their wedding day.

Samitha came to the lime light doing the main female character in “Ira Paayaa” teledrama and her song “Ira Paayaa”  in the same teledrama was also her first song.


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1 thought on ““Maa” Program Featuring Samitha Mudunkotuwa & Family

  1. My belief about Samitha (totally based on what we read in gossip web sites including comments) were changed after watching this program. I now know that despite how popular they are they also human and have nice families. 
    Only the bitter part of their lives get publicity and lanka help magazine has done a great job bringing this to the notice of us who live abroad. 

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