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Reflect your Mood with a solar powered T-shirt

“Chathak” is a brand name which has revolutionized the all-time favorite dress of T-Shirt. Launched in July 2012, ‘Chathak’ has introduced innovative range of T-Shirts under five main categories namely; Physco Guys, Physco Girls, Lanka Style, Twin Hearts and Cute Kids. They have invite the young in very attractive and appealing manner by asking them ‘Come-on and start your journey and start to speak with your tees’. The response was remarkable as it created trend of its own, with various innovative and eye catching slogans including commonly used Sri Lankan words and Loving Arms – which express motivational and charity based phrases printed on variety of T-Shirts.‘Chathak’ has named their product as Attitude T-shirts to Explore Your Mind Sets. Attitude T-shirts has become the new fashion and trend now. A T-shirt with your thoughts expressed is more welcomed than the other T-Shirts.

‘Chathak’ yet again introduced an innovative range of T-Shirts under the brand name “Chathak Miracles”, whereby the T-shirt changes colour when exposed to sunlight. These UV coated solar powered T-shirts absorb the ultraviolet rays of the sun which then causes the T-shirt to change colour. The ‘Chathak Miracles’ label comprises a large variety of T-shirts to suit today’s trendy youth and is the first time in Sri Lanka that UV coated T-shirts have been introduced to the local clothing industry.

Chathak productions are exclusively available in Glitz, a leading fashion retail brand in Sri Lanka with five outlets from its inception and the new product ‘Chathak Miracles’ also released joint hands with Glitz. The new range was officially launched at Glitz Hyde Park Corner by Indian-Sri Lankan actress Puja Umashankar and award winning Sri Lankan actor, singer and model Roshan Ranawana.

Roshan Ranawana and Puja Umashankar

Roshan & Pooja during the launch

The launch of this new T-shirt brand is not solely a business project but also a part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of the two organizations. Glitz, together with Chathak will donate a percentage of its T-shirts sales to orphanages and less privileged children, on a monthly basis. Out of this total amount, 50% will be donated to the SOS Children’s Village and the balance 50% towards other orphanages and less privileged children across the island. Commenting on the project, Operations Manager of Glitz, A.M.M. Shafeek said, “We hope that this simple initiative will bring a smile to the faces of the less privileged children of our country. We invite all Sri Lankans to join hands with us and make this CSR program a resounding success.”

Keeping to its tagline ‘Speak with your tees’ Chathak’s mission is to offer a global branded product that makes people unique from others. No matter what mood you are in, Chathak helps you to reflect your mood with the right T-shirt and so to speak, to convey the same in a trendy way.

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