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Keerthi Acoustica Unplugged Live Concert and New CD Launch

Keerthi Pasquel whom we all know as a singer with a “voice for all seasons” intends to come back on stage after a period of 15 consecutive years on the 24th of November at the BMICH in Colombo along with the release of his new album titled “Thawadawask” which will take place on that same day. The concert is named as “ Keerthi Acoustica Unplugged Live Concert” as Pasquel intends to employ only acoustic music instruments. 25 instrument players will accompany his music at the concert with the guidance of 4 famous musicians. Pasquel intends to add more glamour to the concert by singing his own songs without any change in lyrics or tunes and he assumes that the usage of acoustic instruments will enhance the quality of his music. He hopes to capture the heart of his audience by presenting music in a manner in which the listeners can enjoy the songs in an atmosphere of meditation and serenity. 26 songs will be sung at the concert.

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Keerthi’s New Song – “Rosa Pata Handa Me Handa Ahasama” 

Pasquel believes that a proper music concert should enlighten the mind of the audience through good music and not with overwhelming stage performances. Thus his main intention at this concert will be to present the audience original music without using any other device to capture the heart of his audience. He considers this movement in music as a challenge which he will accept with much confidence and diligence as he believes that it is hard to grasp the attention of an audience without the aid of eye-catching lights and dances in an era where people seek amusement in them rather than listening to live music in a serene attitude.

Keerthi Pasquel New music album ThawadawasakThe main intention of organizing the concert has not become monetary matters but a social concern. According to Pasquel he plans to offer help to establish a Music School at a Children’s Home in Kotte to which he has been helping for 15 years. In 2005 Pasquel organized a children’s concert at BMICH to which many of the children from this orphanage participated singing with him. Pasquel believes that initiating a music school for children will let them explore their music talents and this will also serve as a way to discover the budding music talents of the next generation. His other belief is that these children who have lost their parents with no one to look after them will also get the chance to find mental reconciliation through being with aesthetic activities. Pasquel already carries a certain knowledge with him about “music therapy” which is a method of curing illnesses through music. He plans to expand this therapy in Sri Lanka along with the help from 4 musicians and a doctor. He believes that music can cure all sorts of diseases regarding heart, cancer, diabetes and specially mental illnesses.

He intends to continue organizing concerts of this manner in future if the responses and remarks from the audience are satisfactory and says that organizing concerts away from Colombo in other cities can also take place in future according to the responses of the public. There is no doubt that Pasquel’s fans can witness a night full of splendid music on the 24th of this month and a brilliant concert worth waiting for.

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