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Ape Gama; Take a Walk back into the Past.

Sri Lanka has always been a center for tourist attraction owing to it’s scenic beauty and the hospitality rendered by our country. Foreign tourists also seem to find the culture and tradition of our country precious and some show an admiration to discover facts about the history of the island which is of course full of adventurous and interesting facts. “Ape Gama” was established at the Janakala Kendraya in Battaramulla in order to attract foreign and local tourists who desire to step back into the glorious past of Sri Lanka. On November 13th “Ape Gama” was opened by the President along with an exhibition titled “Reflection Sri Lanka” which would exhibit materials and information in support of Trade, Tourism and Investment sections of the country.

Ape Gama” targets mainly the foreign tourists and since the newly established cultural village was introduced during the CHOGM 2013 the state believes that it would enhance the outlook of the country among other Asian countries. “Ape Gama” consists all the features which you will witness in a traditional village. The lives led by the traditional and rural community of Sri Lanka are very well displayed. The occupations which ancient Sri Lankans dwelled with and their daily routines can be easily grasped merely by walking through this cultural village. This will be a great opportunity for the students who are studying History and other Social Sciences under the local curriculum as they will receive the chance to see the life in ancient Sri Lanka from their own eyes. The village illustrates the authentic life of the past and will surely highlight the brilliance of our history to the whole world. This can also be regarded as a model of a rural area in Sri Lanka which brings the realistic nature of their lives to the urban citizens. Simply, “Ape Gama” is access to the ancient life-styles of Sri Lankans which we have already read in history books and can be regarded as a montage presenting all the features of that life.

The cultural village has been a proposal of Minister Basil Rajapaksha and the construction was guided by the Ministry of Economic Development. Those who are engaged in small scale industries have also been benefited in this establishment as they have received the opportunity to display their arts ,crafts and manufactured materials at the village boutiques. The village is open throughout the year for tourists.

The exhibition “Reflection Sri Lanka” will be held only until 17th of November and this will allow the public to distinguish many world famous local and foreign investors along with thousands of opportunities to enhance the export and import industries globally. There are 850 stalls 200 stalls have been put up by foreign firms.

Ruvindra Sathsarani

Young Ruwindra joined Lanka Help Magazine as a writer in October 2013. She has a great desire to become a journalist. Her articles have been published in many national papers.

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