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Riverston – The Top of the World?

The land of Sri Lanka is an extra ordinarily blessed island. Surrounded by the beautiful sea centered by the highlands and the amazing landscape of the country is a remarkable creation of nature. The geographical location of the country being closer to the equator, has blessed the country with a moderate dry climate and pleasant weather throughout the year. The rich soil blooming with exotic flora and fauna creates a heavenly paradise on earth.

The most remarkable aspect of the country’s beauty is the ability to experience a vast change of surrounding climate, weather and a total transformation of nature within a matter of hours which is a very rare incident one can experience in a life time. Travelling from Colombo to Nuwara Eliya will take about 5 hours. The drive through the western province to the central highlands will be a remarkable experience.

Riverston is one of the most beautiful places one can visit on earth. The heavy sunlight and the warm Colombo air will be shifted away within a matter of few hours and to anyone’s amazement you will find yourself grabbing a shawl or any mode of covering to warm yourself up. The air conditioning in the vehicle will be switched off by reflex and you will find yourself winding down your shutters for a breath of cool fresh air through the beautiful central highlands.

Reverston Driving through the central province, reaching to Matale district which is approximately about 150 Km from Colombo, The vast stretch of the “Knuckles Mountain range “ will be the most prominent sight you will set your eyes on. Forming a beautiful stretch of mountains sitting beyond the City of Matale anyone would be obliged to drive ahead till you reach the top. The story behind the name given to the mountain stretch is rather intriguing because the mountains are formed to make a clearly visible set of knuckles of a human hand!

Riverston is one of the mountains of Knuckles stretch and is a huge traveler’s attraction though yet unknown and hidden to the world. The roads leading to the place is not yet developed to a very comfortable level and the advertising of the location is yet of a poor state which I personally believe is very sad thinking of the vast amount of tourism and travel industry opportunities which could be created if the place is systematically revealed to the world.

Riverston is about a 25 Km drive from the Matale town. The mountain is about 4500 feet high and is about a 3 km hike to the top. The amazement which the surrounding causes to anybody who visits is an understatement because it feels like being in another country like New Zealand with its vast stretch of grasslands so green and gay looking. The cool traces of wind which fills up the lungs are of an exotic fresh countryside odor which makes it very hard to exhale a breath you inhale! The wind is very gentle and relaxing at the bottom or the beginning of your hike. It grows less gentle every step you take towards the top. With the air thinning makes you hard to breathe but all the trouble blows away with the breathtaking view at the top.

The hike to the top is rather very adventurous because the hike consists of various surroundings at once you might come across forest looking trees and high bushes covering making the sun impenetrable. And while walking towards the top you will come across wind zones where the wind is unbearable and is rather challenging to walk ahead. But all the effort will not be in vain because the absolutely breath taking view cannot be put to words. You will never feel time passing or will not feel like coming back home for what you will see. The beauty of the surrounding cannot be explained.

For then I keep you in suspense to experience the most breath taking view. I guarantee you it will be the most remarkable place you can ever visit. “Standing on top of the world” is the only way I can explain it.

2 thoughts on “Riverston – The Top of the World?

  1. How do we find accommodation in Riverston ? Do we have to book before going and how are the rates, foods, and other facilities ?

    1. Thank You for your comment. I visited Riverston as a one day trip because it is only about a three hour drive from Colombo. I cannot recommend any places at the moment. But I am working on posting some details on possible places suitable for comfortable accommodation. Please keep reading I ll post the specific details very soon. Thank You

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