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Shopping Tips for this Festive Season.

It’s the time of the year again when you await for the dawn of happiness and freedom after a whole year of ordeal and depressing hard work. December is the month in which you seek some time to spend with your loved ones. Make this December a memorable one by giving your loved ones the best type of gifts which they ever got re-kindling the luster of the season. And while you shop keep these tips in your mind so that you will not have much trouble rummaging here and there in search of gifts. You might even feel like jotting these tips down and keeping them with you while you shop.

1. Trust your Instincts.
Imagine that you have found a suitable gift for a person in your family or for a friend and you have the urge to purchase it. Still a small voice inside your head keeps telling you that the same type of gift can be bought in some other shop cheaper. If you don’t feel comfortable with purchasing that product at that shop just put it back on the shelf and make up your mind to check it somewhere else. Be comfortable with your shopping. Keep your mind at rest and listen to your heart before you take the product to the cashier.

2. Start Shopping Early.
Some people adore last-minute shopping because it makes them feel like that is the only way of doing it. But think about the stress you are adding up to yourself while being on the road, fighting the crowds of people, looking at limited merchandise and waiting in long lines. While you wait for the last-minute to come for shopping it is more likely that you will stumble upon products with low quality spending more money on them just because you don’t want to meet your loved ones empty handed. So take your time to shop. Start early in the month. This is the only way of making shopping stress-free.

3. Shop during off peak hours.
Early in the morning is the best time to start shopping. If you have some free time in the morning make sure that you do the shopping at that time. Even on week-ends shopping early in the morning is better. Through this you can avoid the long lines and the huge crowds of people. You can get your shopping done in a single trip to many stores because the aisles aren’t blocked and the shops aren’t crowded. Besides the shop keepers will also be there to help you as the time won’t be busy for them.

4. Make a list.
This sounds boring. Yet making a list just takes you a little time. Keep a pen and a piece of paper wherever you go with you so that you can write down the gift items your loved ones want so that you will be less likely to forget the needed products. Also try listing out the people to whom you are buying the gifts. On the paper itself write down how much you will be able to spend on each gift so that you won’t overspend. Buy only the affordable gifts so that you won’t be in trouble.

5. Compare and Contrast the Prices.
You can save a pretty good chunk of money by doing this. Almost everything you want to buy often goes on sale during this season. Don’t be lazy to visit a few stores to get what you want with less money. This is easier while shopping online. You can search the products online and the prices the stores provide and you easily arrive at your own decisions. Try visiting some of the good auction sites but always keep in mind to be confined with the rules and regulations of those sites along with their legal terms as online shopping could be tricky sometimes.

6. Inspect your Purchase.
Always check the things you buy many times. You can even consult someone else in the store if you are looking for any damages in the products you have purchased. Look carefully at everything mainly the quality of the product. You don’t want to give your loved ones damaged products this season because giving a good gift is what makes them and yourself smile.

Festive season shopping tips7. Buy Extra Gifts and Cards.
Purchase a couple of extra gifts and cards so that if someone unexpectedly gives you a gift you can avoid the embarrassment of not being able to give one back. Extra gifts and cards will always come handy some other time and maybe next year you will be able to give them to somebody if you couldn’t give them this year itself.

8.Shop at Local Stores.
Local boutiques is a lower stress alternative as the products you want can be easily purchased. Visit your local stores for each product you want to purchase as the services they render are much more friendly than when you visit huge shopping malls. And in malls the crowds normally thicken with the on going activities and it’s depressing.

9. Be Creative.
Always use your creative talents to make your purchased gifts more appealing. You can attach a photo of your family or yourself in the cards you give so that the sentimental value of your gift will be high. You can make a small calendar or some recipe cards for the next year with pictures of your family and friends on them. That will bring a smile on to the faces of your loved ones. Rather than buying a card try making one with your artistic talents. And while you shop make sure that the gift you buy is something with which you can attach something creative on it so that the gift will look more brilliant.

10. Save the Receipts.
Even after buying the perfect gift there could be broken items, damaged parts and wrong sizes in your gifts when you go home and check them again. So it is better to expect the unexpected. Always keep the receipts inside your purse or in some other safe place so that you can return that product easily.

Through these simple tips you will be able to avoid the turmoil of shopping in this festive season. Happy shopping and be sure your loved ones get the best gift!!!!

Ruvindra Sathsarani

Young Ruwindra joined Lanka Help Magazine as a writer in October 2013. She has a great desire to become a journalist. Her articles have been published in many national papers.

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