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Must Haves While Traveling.

When we are fed up with the normal routine and our daily activities we tend to seek amusement in different ways. Traveling to new places is done mostly to get out of the cloying daily boredom. Some may travel in search of knowledge. And some others will travel for business purposes and as a part of their occupations. Whatever your purpose is to travel you should be comfortable and relaxed throughout your journey. It will be good for you to know the travel-must-haves and the necessary gadgets before you start your next journey.

A Global Language Translator.
Unless you are a linguist and can speak a many number of languages, you will definitely want this. Find at least a 12-language translator which will enable you to access expressions and common phrases of many countries. Make sure that the gadget also consists of a currency converter so that you won’t be tricked out at foreign bazaars.
If this would be expensive for you always keep a pocket dictionary from which you can find the common words and phrases of the country you are traveling to.

A GPS Device.
This would enable to find you the places you are traveling to quickly as possible and will let you know the exact location of the places of interest. This is convenient rather than opening a large map and spreading it out to find the places.

Good Backpacks.
Look for a backpack which will let you carry all the things you want easily in it. Make sure there is great padding and more space and pockets. If you are eco-friendly traveler buy a bag set with solar panels. While having a bag with solar panels you can recharge many of your electrical devices from them while being on the road. In these bags the storage space is also high. A 43.18 centimeters laptop (17 inches) can also be placed in it. The best thing about these bags with solar panels is that they are water proof. The MP3 can be put in the shoulder pouch and can be easily taken out whenever you need to.
Many of you while traveling will need a second bag. Probably if you have taken a great pleasure in walking around the tourist sights or to be on hikes a good day pack is necessary. Make sure that your day pack has enough pockets to hold water bottles and wont give you back pain while traveling with it.

A Digital Camera.
What would be more better than having the privilege of capturing each enchanting moment of your journey and securing it’s memory with you for the rest of your life? Always take your camera wherever you go. You can chose among the trusted brands in electronics such as Konica, Kodak, Nikon, Canon and many other more. Make sure that your camera has good resolution, image stabilization and face recognition. Most of the small cameras found these days can also record videos now. The quality may be poor but they work surprisingly well.

If you are the type of traveler who wants to be comfortable while being on the road you would better carry a pair of slippers with you or keep a pair of stash sandals so that you won’t end up with cracked feet at the end of your journey.
If you are to go walk on some hard and uneven ground make sure you have a pair of hiking shoes with you. You can wear hiking shoes even while traveling on the roads of the foreign cities as these shoes are not that much uncomfortable.
A pair of sport sandals will come handy while you are crossing a stream or a river. You don’t want to remove your shoes and put them back on after crossing the waterway. Instead you can cross them in your sandals themselves without worrying about getting your footwear wet.

A Swiss Army Kit.
This has been a very popular tool among many travelers. The new type of Swiss Army kit has scissors, knife, pen, screwdriver, light and nail file all in one. This is very convenient as huge range of devices are introduced to you in one kit. You can minimize the space spent on storing equipment if you use a kit like this.

Skin-care Products.
Make sure when you pack your luggage that a light-weight moisturizer or a sunblock is included which will help you to avoid skin damage. Also add a face wash as excess oil can get settled down on your face due to traveling for a long time. Keep a sanitizer and blotting papers with you as you will want to wipe away the excess oil and dirt away more often. . It is advised to wash face every six to eight hours to avoid skin problems.

Keep your medicine with you if you often get sick while being on a plane or while traveling on the road for a long time. Make sure that the medicine is attested by your family physician. You don’t want to spoil the best part of your journey by being sick.

These are only a few of the things you want to add into your list while you are getting ready to travel. Make sure soap, shampoo, towel, hair brush or comb, toothbrush and paste, shaving cream and gel, perfume and deodorant are also added. Stay comfortable in cozy clothes and always be assured that you enjoy throughout the journey!!!

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Young Ruwindra joined Lanka Help Magazine as a writer in October 2013. She has a great desire to become a journalist. Her articles have been published in many national papers.

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