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“Abhinayana Sampath-Ratna Rangabhumika” Drama Festival

Rathna Lalani Jayakodi and Sampath Thennakoon are undoubtedly the most famous couple in the Sri Lankan stage drama. The duo has sacrificed more than half of their lives to enrich the Sri Lankan stage drama. Through their journey of nourishing the stage drama Rathna and Samapth have come to another valuable milestone of their career. The thirty years in stage and collaborated in over 20 stage dramas as husband and wife is this significant milestone which they are going to celebrate in grand style. Choosing seven of the dramas they have acted together “Abhinayana Sampath-Ratna Rangabhumika”; the stage drama festival will be staged commencing from 17th December to 23rd December at the New Town Hall Colombo 7.

The 80’s group – Sathjana Sahurda Sansadaya is the main organizer of this drama festival and the dramas scheduled to be staged are as follows;

  1.  Suba Sandawak (1982) – 17th December
  2.  Mayadevi (1985) – 18th December
  3. Puthra Samagama (1985) – 19th December
  4.  Guru Tharuwa (1996) – 20th December
  5. Jagan Matha (2008) – 21st December
  6.  Romaya Gini Gani 2(2011) – 22nd December
  7. Thala Mala Pipilla (1988) – 23rd December

All dramas will start exactly at 6.45p.m. according to organizers and to Rathna and Sampath as working to a time should be given by example. The drama “Suba Sandawak” was originally staged 31 years ago, “Mayadevi” and “Puthra Samagama” were staged 28 years ago. The original cast of above dramas will be appearing on stage again recalling the sweet memories of the golden era of the stage drama history. Sampath Thennakoon has decided to publish a souvenir of academic value – a collection of articles by scholars in drama field, this souvenir could be used as a handbook for stage drama fans and also for university and school students who are learning stage drama as a subject.

Rathna Lalani and Sampath ThennakoonHaving started her career as a child singer in the SLBC “Lama Pitiya” accompanied by her elder sister Geetha Kanthi Jayakodi , Rathna’s talents sharpened with the presence of legendary characters like Ananda Sirisena, Agnes Sirisena, Mahinda Algama, Ashoka Tillekeratne and Piyadasa Ratnasinghe . Rathna inherited a unique voice which magnificently blends with Noorthi and stage drama songs. Professor Ediriweera Sarthchandra and Jayalath Manoratne are two of the most benefited stage drama directors with Rathna’s melodious voice. Working as a teacher in Royal College Colombo she has shared her experiences with the young and brought up many talented youth to the field.

Although Rathna and Sampath have sacrificed their lives on stage drama, finding a sponsor for their drama festival was a real challenge as some challenged them to show the rewards that will receive by sponsoring a drama festival, and some were concerned about the number of people who will get to see the drama as that is the only crowd they’ll be advertising to. So it was a willingness of Ratna and Sampath to jump in to trouble. It is the true picture of the real stage drama producer has to undergo in the present.

So if you are in love with stage dramas this will be a great opportunity to watch seven of the best stage dramas ever produced. Some of them were telecasted on TV bout you cannot get the same complete aesthetic feeling from it. We at Lanka Help Magazine take this opportunity to Wish Rathna and Sampath all the success for their future endeavors.

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