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What should your “New Year Resolutions” be?

We have come to an end of another year. The time has swept away and another end opens the door for another beginning. We await for the dawn of new year with new hopes and dreams. When the clock struck midnight on December 31st we will be celebrating with loads of firecrackers and loud music around us. We all love to be merry and even the thought of something “new” makes us happy. But how many of us will look back at the passed year and try to learn from it so that we could fix up our matters in the coming up year?
Before you write down your New Year Resolutions for the next year think about the following.

1. Be Content about Last Year.
Last year might have given you thousands of laughs along with thousands of tears. You probably had many bad days and good days. When happiness comes to you it always has a tinge of sorrow with it and in the same way it has a reciprocal phenomena. There might be things which you couldn’t achieve no matter how hard you tried. Recollect the moments in which you tried to stand up from the turmoil you faced in life and be happy about them. At least you tried to stand up and stay brave at times of loss. Some of you might even say “Last year gave me a hell lot of trouble” . Surely enough right now you are getting ready to embrace the dawn of another year. So be content about what you did and what you got during the last year.

2. Changing your Daily Routine.
new year resolutionYour routine is something which makes up your life and your personality. It is a part of who you really are. Many of us are used to unhealthy activities like going to sleep late at night and waking up early in the morning after a 3-4 hour sleep. Some of you might be trying to cope up with the huge load of work you have on your hands. Think about these flaws in you life and try to remedy them. Time management and allocating more time for the most special tasks will make the life around you much more easier. To some of you even the ticking of the clock might be annoying and disturbing. If time management is such a hard task try to ponder about how the time passes when you are free of work. Try to love your work. Find something which you love doing best and which you have a talent to do.
If less exercise and more food is your problem try to fix up your daily routine so that at least you will have some time to think about a healthy life. Stop blaming everything on lack of time and make use of 24 hours in its maximum way.

3. Read More.
If you are the type of person who thinks that reading is boring or the type that always say I never have time for reading, you would better think about changing that attitude for next year. Many of us do not try to learn from literature, we just let it be a part of those who are only in that field. Even reading newspapers and magazines which carry good reading material has been abandoned by our present generation. It is not about the time you spend reading that book, it’s always about how much you learn from it. I remember myself struggling to read a collection of literary novels last year on December and while trying to find the time to think and write some reviews on them. But this year I find myself thinking deeply about the content of those novels and the hastening urge to read them over and over again. If you are the busy person who has no time for reading, try to read a good book before going to bed or while you are sitting idly in the morning or the evening traffic. There always will be a time for you to read once you start loving it.

4. Control your Expenses.
Look back at last year and think of the expenses you had. If it was moderate, obviously there should be no change in your expenses, you will just have to carry on in that same way. The problem lies with when it was higher. If you have that urge to buy everything you see in shops or in other words if you are the type of shopaholic whom no one can control, you would better put some restraints into your spending. Try using less of your credit cards because when you use them you are not aware of the amount of money notes slipping away from your hands. Try to buy only what you really need. Try planning up budgets and make sure you work according to them. Put boundaries into your spending.

5. Spend More Time with your Family and Friends.
The family is the center of the locus of life. And many of us know this deep down in our hearts but we don’t know how to allocate our time to be with them. After work go home and spend some time with your loved ones. Don’t go straight to sleep. Talk with your family about what is happening in their work places and share your good and bad moments with them. Try sharing each others ideas. Laugh a little and share your thoughts with them. You won’t have to worry about how much tiring your day has been once you are already engulfed in the company of your family. Spend a day or two once in awhile with your friends so that they get to know that you haven’t forgotten them. At least give them a call or drop a text message saying Hello so that you could convey how important they are in your life.

6. Pay More Attention on Religion.
With the lives we lead today we have forgotten what our religions mean to us. Our religions are what shape our beliefs. Spend more time to be with religion. Take part in alms giving and meditation if you are a Buddhist. Whatever the religion you are from read and get to know more about them. There are thousands of things which you are still not aware about your beliefs and religions. There is always something so great about spending your time with your religious activities. If you cannot perform religious activities on a daily basis at least do them on a weekly basis when you got the proper time.

6. Get Involved with The Society.
Step outside and see the lives of other people around the. Their needs and their lives. They might be in lower social levels than you or even upper levels, yet it is good to get involved with the work going in your neighborhood. Stop scorning at community based programs and give a helping hand for the people in your city.

And always remember that New Year Resolutions aren’t a list you make just to be confident and to welcome the coming up year with a bright smile. They are the changes you plan to introduce into your life to make it better. They are also the changes you want to make in your life to brighten up your future rather than your present day.

Ruvindra Sathsarani

Young Ruwindra joined Lanka Help Magazine as a writer in October 2013. She has a great desire to become a journalist. Her articles have been published in many national papers.

2 thoughts on “What should your “New Year Resolutions” be?

  1. Gr8t ideas worth million bucks. Sometimes changing our daily routine is not so easy as it may seems, specially if you are having little ones & elders (grandparents). However, as you mentioned, nothing is impossible as it may seems. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Best wishes to ya all

    1. yes true!! it’s all about managing the resources we have specially time…. We just have to be in track with our daily life.. and thanks for your comment… and we must always “practice what we preach”

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