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Why is it important to be an educated citizen?

What is education? Education is normally considered as learning in which the knowledge about various subject matters, inventions, discoveries and etc. are given from one generation to another generation. As we all know education is a major right for all human beings in the world. Article 13 of the United Nations’ 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights recognizes the right of everyone to an education. Education mainly occurs under the guidance of another. Usually education is divided into few stages such as Preschool, Primary School, College and University. But there is a certain age limit to get education in these stages. At a certain age of our life time we should complete the studies and learn things by discovering new things or as most of us do, doing a job from the educational qualifications.

The most important factor and the only thing that cannot be stolen or bought from anyone is the knowledge which is gained by education. Education is given free to the students by the governments and also there are private institutions where education is obtained by paying money. There are various thoughts regarding education in different countries. In developed countries they believe that everyone should be educated and both males and females get education equally. But in many countries that are least developed still believe that females do not have the right to be educated equally as males. But it is scientifically proven that the ability to concentrate on many things at ones is higher in females and everyone should get the freedom to obtain education equally.

Did you know that Sri Lankan Examination results are worldwide accepted? Yes it is true. Sri Lankan Advanced Level Examination is considered as the toughest exam in the world. The results gained by this examination is accepted and is also respected in anywhere in the world. Since most of the schools in Sri Lanka are under the government’s guidance the education is given completely free and equally to all the students. Even though it is given free, there are a lot of facts taught by them. The harder you work for it the more success you’ll gain.

Education is the only thing that cannot be measured by length or money. An educated poor person is very important to the society than a person who is wealthier than any other but doesn’t have any educational knowledge. An educated person knows how to change the world by simply giving his knowledge to other people who are in need. A person who lacks education knows only how to spend all his assets for useless things and doesn’t know how to increase his assets, but an educated person knows how to use his assets for useful things and also save and increase the amount of them. Education doesn’t only help us in this. But also it helps us to learn and respect our elders, other cultures and it’s important for our health too. Knowledge of basic science helps people to prevent themselves from being infected by various diseases. Lack of education is still the reason for many harmful diseases to be spread in least developed countries. Cancer and HIV AIDS are two major health problems in these countries. This is mainly due to lack of proper education. Education also encourages transparency, good governance, stability and also helps to fight against graft and corruption.

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