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Let’s get to know about Road Accidents.

There are various types of accidents that you’ve come across. There are various kinds of accidents, but the most common of all is Road Accidents. Road accidents may cause injuries and sometimes death. In Sri Lanka there are many road accidents reported everyday. When you listen to news you can notice a considerable number of accidents in mainly the Colombo district. There are various reasons for these road accidents. Have you ever questioned yourself why can’t the people use the road peacefully? There are people who use the road thinking about their safety as well as the safety of other lives there, but most of the time these accidents happen either because of the recklessness of the driver or the pedestrians. There can be various other reasons too, like;

  • Road infrastructure defects
  • Failure in the vehicle
  • Weather conditions
  • Driving just after medications
  • Trying to beat up time

road accidents in sri lankaIt is said that about 6-7 people get killed due to these road accidents. Unlike other developed countries Sri Lanka is a developing country so there are few roads that are in a condition that cannot be used by the vehicles in any way. But the person who is using the vehicle should be responsible about the safety of everyone, which most of reckless drivers do not think about. They don’t know that they have a lot of lives that they have to care about when they start the engine of a vehicle. Over loading than the capacity that a vehicle can bear is also another reason for these road accidents which can be frequently seen in Sri Lanka. Many buses, three-wheelers and bikes usually have an amount that cannot be carried by the vehicle. This can cause the unbalancing of the vehicle and it will go off the road or most of the time it will roll over.

There are safety methods that can be put into action and everyone seems to be well notified about these safety methods. Have you questioned why are there this many accidents when everyone seemed to know the road rules and regulations? It’s because that people know the road safety rules and regulations, but most of them haven’t taken that to consideration. People see road signs everywhere on the road, but most of them don’t really consider them. It’s the main reason for these accidents. Many innocent lives are in danger because of one careless person. You might have come across such people many times in your lifetime. The number of accidents increase day by day in Sri Lanka and it is very important for every citizen to be notified regarding the road safety.

How you can minimize road accidents:

  • All road users act with civic responsibility
  • To educate school children/ university students and elderly people on traffic safety
  • Programs to notify people about disciplined driving methods
  • Identifying risk drivers and cancel/suspend their driving license judiciary or by demerits systems by the CMT
  • Increase insurance premium of risk drivers
  • Fixing CCTV cameras near traffic lights to check if the passengers and the driver are using safety belts
  • Driving with a controllable speed

Ways that a road accident may occur:

  • Vehicle colliding with a vehicle
  • Vehicle colliding with a person
  • Vehicle colliding with a movable or unmovable property
  • Vehicle going off the road
  • Due to a natural or man made disaster

As citizens of this nation, every person should become a helping hand to prevent these accidents from taking away innocent lives.

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