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How to Select the Perfect Dress for Your Body Shape

As women, we all focus on one common thing in one way or the other. and that is about our appearance. The way we dress affects our overall personality and in a way it is an energy booster since we love to be called “pretty” and beautiful every single day. The term “pretty” in today’s society is restricted to the fair and hourglass figured feminine type. But here is the secret. With the right attitude, the right prepping and dressing I guarantee that all of you lovely ladies can look pretty in your own special way. So a basic step to enhancing your outward appearance is by understanding your figure and selecting clothing according to bring in the beauty in you. Not all of us own the “hour glass” body shape.  So, it is essential to understand the structure of our body and dress according to it. And the best way is to know your body shape. according to general classification, some say there are only four types and some say there are only seven types of body shapes. But the standard designing classification is six.
Body shapes can be  divided into six categories.

1. Triangle shape

2. Inverted triangle shape

3. Rectangle shape

4. Hourglass shape

5. Diamond shape

6. Rounded shape

Now lets talk about each shape and fashion solutions (fit solutions) for them.

1.Triangle shape (pear shape)

This body shape is also described as the pear shape because of the fat deposits in the hip, thigh and bottom areas. Shoulders and bust area are considerably smaller than the abdomen and hip area. Well defined waist. So if you need to determine if you belong to the triangle shape, divide your waist measurement by the hip measurement. If the end result is 0.8 or below then you belong to the triangular shaped body figure

Fashion solutions

When choosing clothing for the upper body, always buy tops that accentuate your slim upper body and figure.  Tops with V necks, boat necks will do the trick. Go for puffed sleeves, bat wing sleeves (anything larger and not hugging the arm) Do not go for cropped tops or anything that ends at the point of your navel or above! Such tops will show the difference between the upper body and lower body which results in giving more emphasis to the bulkiness in the lower body. Go for princess line clothing. It will bring a pleasing touch by showing off the curve of your waist. To balance the proportions of the lower and upper body, here are a few tricks Wear horizontal lined tops. Top loose garments will balance with the lower body appearance go for bright colored tops. Always select dresses with empire waist (e.g.:- baby doll) and wrap dresses. When you shop for skirts, always choose skirts with minimal waist band, less stiff and slightly A- lined skirts to balance the upper and lower body. Pants should always be either slightly flared at the bottom or bootleg. Never choose a lower waist pant or pleated fronts.

2.Inverted triangle shape

The inverted triangle shape brings out a more muscular look due to the shoulders and bust area that is wider than the abdomen and midsection. The hip and legs are slender in comparison to the upper body. Your plus point is your narrow hip which can be the attraction. This can be done by choosing clothing that will highlight your lower body.

Fashion solutions

Become a large fan of V-necks, U- necks, sleeveless tops and anything with wide straps. Avoid horizontal lines and if you choose to wear sleeved clothing, do make sure that the sleeves are not puffed. Also try as much as possible to choose tops with minimal detail around the neck area such as trimmings or heavy embellishments since those will give a widening effect to your upper body. Avoid wearing dresses with high waist lines, pleats and ruffles near the top. Go for details like bold prints, pockets and pleats in the lower body so that it will balance the upper and lower body. Choose skirts with minimal pleating. Also choose skirts that have gathering such as gypsy skirts which have tiers and gathers. Do not choose any skirt that gathers at your waist since it will bring out the difference of the lower and upper body. When it comes to pants there is a bit of good news. You can wear them all! This is because of the narrow hips of the inverted triangle shape.
3.The Rectangular body shape.

This is not a common body shape. The shoulders and hips are of equal width and minimum waist definition, which means the waist, is not seen with a perfect shape. Weight gain occurs in the abdomen, thighs and slightly in mid section.

Fashion solutions

Always shop for semi-fitted clothes. This means that it is best if you choose clothes that are not too tight or too loose. Choose medium to high necklines .There is no restriction on types of skirts that fits this body shape. Pants should not be too tight but with a gentle flare. Short sleeves and sleeveless tops or dresses suits these body shapes perfectly.

4.The hourglass body shape.

This shape is usually defined by most as the “perfect body shape”.  Movie stars and singers are mostly seen as inheritors of the hourglass body shape. Balance of curves and angles, straight shoulders, defined waist, curvy bottom. Bust and hips in proper proportions.

Fashion solutions

You are free to wear almost anything that shows off your perfect curves. The only clothing you should consider avoiding are Shapeless or boxy styles, like baby-doll dresses, tunics, and oversize cardigans.

5.The diamond shape

Diamond shape tends to describe women who have a wider upper body with a full bust, waist and upper back due to fat storage happening around the mid section of their bodies. If you belong to this category, then you should have relatively slim thighs and upper legs.

Fashion solutions

Look for any clothing that has a soft drape. Dress in color shades that compliment or are of the same shade. mixing and contrasting colors would make you appear more heavier. Go for loose fitting dresses since that would highlight your great legs. Choose tops with a long shirt tail hem since a rounded hem will hide your stomach. Your perfect neckline would be the V neck.  Any top that creates fold around the stomach area is also a good choice. Skirts and pants should have flat fronts . So try your best to avoid any pleating and gathers near the waist.  Always keep in mind to select the perfect undergarments so that your curvy areas would accentuate.

6.The oval body shape

this body shape is also called ” the circle” and  ” the apple shape”.  women who fall under this category tend to have a fuller shorter waist, wider rib cage, rounded neck and back. hips are often lower and legs are onto the slender side. If you belong to this group, you would have a ” top heavy ” appearance, with a bust and midriff bigger than the hips with a prominent tummy and flat bottom.

Fashion solutions

Always wear tops that tie around the waist. Choose baby doll dresses and tops to camouflage your tummy. trousers worn to the hip would be perfect. But on some occasions you can also go for high waist-ed since it will help flatter your figure. Stay away from tight or skinny jeans.

Fashion defines who we are. Fashion speaks up for our personalities. With a thorough reading of this article, i hope that none of you beautiful ladies will be left out in the fashion department. You don’t need to run to and fro in search of what you need to become fashionable. Just follow these basics . And just another tip. A fit body is always a plus point. It helps our health, enhances who we are and makes us pleasant. So ladies , try to  keep your God given curves by maintaining fitness and a healthy lifestyle too!

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