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Nathasha Perera – “Adara Wassa ( Loving Rain)” on February 14th

Nathasha Perera, is a Sri Lankan actress, singer and a fashion icon. Natasha was born in Rome, Italy to a Sri Lankan family. Nathasha was first featured on a song called, “Sulagak Vee Maan Yanawa Dura Ahasey Igillennta” with Sir Edward Jayakodi, at age of 13. Even Nathasha did not appear on stage as often as other young leading stars, she had stolen hearts of many Sri Lankans through this famous children’s song, “Sulagak Vee…”
“Nathasha means “Birth of the Christ” because I was born in Italy” says Nathasha with a smile.

When asked if there is any particular reason of changing her fashion style time to time, Nathasha tells that she feels worthy and happy inside when she changes her fashion style time to time. “ I am always same old Nathasha Shelin Perera; 100% Sri Lankan girl even there’s time to time “fashion transformation” in my life” says Nathasha.

Nathasha will be presenting on “Aadara Wassa (Loving Rain)” Musical Concert in Saint Joseph Boys’ College, Sri Lanka on February 14, 2015 with popular singing triplets in the industry, Mr. Shihan Mihiranga, Mr. Dasun Madushanka and Dr. Pradeep Rangana. This is the first time Nathasha Shelin appears on live stage other than on TV.

Nathasha feels that she is a woman who is more patient, courageous and determined in real life. Nathasha meantions she is a normal human being who was torn apart with difficulties in life at past and rose with courage in such occasions later on knowing what she went through and how she should face them in life with bravery. Furthermore, Nathasha Shelin tells she never envies anyone in personal or professional life, yet treated everyone with love and kindness. Nathasha says her mother is the reason for her to be here today with such success and fame.
Nathasha Shelin, We Lanka Help Wish You a Bright and Successful Life! Best Wishes for your professional life as a lawyer! Way to go girl…..!!!

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