• How to Dress for an Interview – Ladies

    As we all know, there are accepted standards in dressing for certain occasions and for events. Clothing is categorized in many ways. One such category would be where clothing is grouped under functional and occasional. Each garment has a desired function or an appearance. So according to purpose, according to the comfort and according to […]

  • How to Choose the Perfect Clothing for Male Body Shapes

    Fashion is a day to day language. Fashion has become an icon of representing who we are. Ladies, they just simply love and adore fashion. But times are changing and fashion has touched the senses of men more than ever before. So just like our female readers were satisfied with the article for their need, […]

  • How to Select the Perfect Dress for Your Body Shape

    As women, we all focus on one common thing in one way or the other. and that is about our appearance. The way we dress affects our overall personality and in a way it is an energy booster since we love to be called “pretty” and beautiful every single day. The term “pretty” in today’s […]

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