• Specials
    An Insight to Turtle Species in Indian Ocean.

    “Extinction” as it sounds is a word which gains much attention from scientists and communities of eco-friendly nature. Recently with the news concerning a a rare species of white turtle worth over Rs.10 million rupees, been robbed from the Kosgoda Turtle Research Institute, attention towards turtle conservation projects augmented. Turtles have always been regarded as […]

  • Society
    new year resolution
    What should your “New Year Resolutions” be?

    We have come to an end of another year. The time has swept away and another end opens the door for another beginning. We await for the dawn of new year with new hopes and dreams. When the clock struck midnight on December 31st we will be celebrating with loads of firecrackers and loud music […]

  • Entertainment
    Sonali Daraniyagala - the writer of "Wave" novel
    “Wave” – a Novel by Sonali Deraniyagala.

    “Their promise, my children’s possibilities, still linger in our home” The above quote is taken from Sonali Deraniyagala’s novel “Wave” which was listed as a New York Times Bestseller recently. The author is a survivor in the 2004 tsunami tragedy but has lost her family and parents in the tragic natural disaster. She has miraculously […]

  • Travel
    Must Haves While Traveling.

    When we are fed up with the normal routine and our daily activities we tend to seek amusement in different ways. Traveling to new places is done mostly to get out of the cloying daily boredom. Some may travel in search of knowledge. And some others will travel for business purposes and as a part […]

  • Finance
    Festive season shopping tips
    Shopping Tips for this Festive Season.

    It’s the time of the year again when you await for the dawn of happiness and freedom after a whole year of ordeal and depressing hard work. December is the month in which you seek some time to spend with your loved ones. Make this December a memorable one by giving your loved ones the […]

  • Entertainment
    Kalumaali; a Fairy Tale for Grownups.

    Most of the theater-goers in Sri Lanka have not gained the experience of watching the same drama in both Sinhala and English. Yet playwright and drama directress Ruwanthie de Chickera has been successful in presenting “Kalumaali”; a fairytale for grownups in both Sinhala and English without tarnishing the luster of the plot and the scene […]

  • Culture
    Ape Gama; Take a Walk back into the Past.

    Sri Lanka has always been a center for tourist attraction owing to it’s scenic beauty and the hospitality rendered by our country. Foreign tourists also seem to find the culture and tradition of our country precious and some show an admiration to discover facts about the history of the island which is of course full […]

  • Fashion
    Hand loom sarees
    Hand Loom Industry in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lankan history has many stories to tell us about the hand loom industry which has been done even during the time in which Prince Vijaya stepped into the island. Our ancestors have been used to weave clothes from threads a long time back and still in some areas the hand loom industry blossoms. Classic […]

  • Entertainment
    Kaalasarpa Novel
    On Keerthi Walisarage’s “Kaala Sarpa”

    The Swarna Pusthaka is a much awaited prestigious prize among writers in Sri Lanka. As many of you might already know the award was won by Keerthi Walisarage this year (2013) for his latest novel “Kaala Sarpa”. The award was presented for the fourth consecutive time and this year out of many nominated novels “Kaala […]

  • Health
    Dengue in Sri Lanka
    A New Method to Eradicate Dengue

    Dengue has taken thousands of innocent lives in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka being a tropical country and situated near the equator has stumbled into a situation where eradication of dengue has become a myth. No matter how hard we try, still we hear about people losing their lives due to this epidemic. 70% of countries […]

  • Technology
    Nanotechnology Opens a New Technological Revolution

    Development of a country is beckoned by it’s technological progress. We are living in an era where technological advancements have been interconnected with the lives we lead. Without new innovations life in the world we live in is not facilitated. We have already witnessed Social Revolutions back in 1960’s and the Industrial Revolution before that. […]

  • Finance
    Graphic Image of Proposed Crown Resort in Sri Lanka
    Crown Resorts – Casino and Entertainment Complex in Sri Lanka – Videos+

    Crown is a major group which provides entertainment and gaming facilities in Australia expanding throughout the globe and wholly-owns and operates many casino resorts including Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne and Perth. The world class luxury resorts provide a wide variety of facilities including resort pools, luxury spas,casinos, theaters and centers for entertainment. […]

  • Health
    Tissue eating drug
    A Deadly Drug Which Eats Human Flesh

    Sometimes when we do thing we never think about the result. We merely do them. Specially teenagers are vulnerable to such actions. Although our country still owns a preserved culture and good values, the slow degradation of the youth of the nation has already begun. Drug-addiction has become one of the suppurating wounds which cannot […]

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