• Entertainment
    Dayasiri jayasekara and Family
    Jayawanthi Jayasekara, the woman behind Dayasiri Jayasekara

    ‘The Singing Elephant’ in the political arena, Dayasiri Jayasekara has become the 6th current Chief Minister of North Western Province with massive number of preferential votes. There may be several reasons for his record breaking victory, but there was a hidden force behind Dayasiri’s success in the election campaign. It was Jayawanthi Jayasekara, the beloved […]

  • Entertainment
    ‘I regret my past decisions’ – Nilmini Tennakoon

    She was the radical fiancée’ who has turned in to the tear drop in small screen, Nilmini Tennakoon is one of the most loved actress in field of Tele dramas. Once Nilmini was crowned as the ‘tear drop’ in small screen. Despite all the obstacles she has gone through in the past, Nilmini is now […]

  • Specials
    I wish I receive a letter

    Did you receive a letter recently from anyone close to you? No, I’m not referring an email, a hand written letter. Hmm… You don’t remember don’t you? Tell you the truth, even I didn’t remember it either. The technology has changed over life style dramatically over the time unaware by most of us. There were […]

  • Celebrity Gallery
    I have a good demand – Nirosha Perera

    Nirosha Perera is a well-known TV presenter and an actress who has first came to the field from Sirasa TV.Irosha Perera is her younger sister with whom she has presented the popular talk show “Iroshai Niroshai” some years back in Sirasa TV. Nirosha’s elder sister Nilushi Perera acted in a tele drama several years ago […]

  • Entertainment
    Nirosha Virajini
    Nirosha Virajanie Keeps Love On Hold

    “Love is not a priority for me at the moment. It is true that our thinking changes over the time. Also, some gain their life satisfaction by marriage and having two or three children. But at present I enjoy engaging in music alone. Music gives me a peace of mind.  I’m not going to ruin […]

  • Entertainment
    Miss France 2013
    Miss France 2014 finalists on tour to Sri Lanka

    Miss France is the trademark of an annual beauty pageant obtained in 2002 by the Dutch television production company Endemol. Endemol also holds the rights in France to send the winner for Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. Starting 2013 Miss France Hold the Franchise of Miss Earth. The pageant is held each year in […]

  • Entertainment
    Samanala Sandhawaniya
    “Samanala Sandhawaniya” – A film by Jayantha Chandrasiri

    A song sung by Amarasiri Pieris “ Iki gasa handana atheethayaka” is one of the most popular songs recently. The particular song is one of the songs in Jayantha Chandrasiri’s latest film to be released in EAP circuit cinemas “Samanala Sandhawaniya” (Butterfly Simphony). Talking about his latest film, Jayantha said ‘This is a simple film […]

  • Finance
    Money Saving
    Special Savings Deposits with Superior Benefits

    Two state banks have introduced special ”Savings” products with superior benefits. These new Savings scheme is ideal for regular savers and also for people belongs to low income group. Sri Lankans follow various savings habits that were inherited from their fore fathers which was also strengthened by the Buddhism. “Seettuwa” is a very popular savings […]

  • Entertainment
    ‘Me Tharam Digu Ayi Rathriya’ – Sashika Nisansala

    Sashika Nisansala released her newest song to the media yesterday 12th September. The song “ Metharam digu ai rathriya” was broadcasted on Hiru Television’s daily music programme ‘ Count Down’. Lyrics by Kashyapa Sathyapriya De Silva and the music was done by Darshana Ruwan Dissanayake. The visuals were done by Studio High End. This song […]

  • Entertainment
    Arjuna Kamalanath and Ameesha
    It’s not a haapy ending for Arjuna and Amisha

    Popular film stars Arjuna Kamalanath and Amisha Kavindi has split. It’s not for another scene in a film to come but for real. The two of them had a long relationship that was quite popular in the film industry. Amisha played a main role in Arjuna’s latest film”Igillenna ayi Dangalanne” with Arjuna. However the film […]

  • Culture
    The Happiest Man Living on Earth

    “The Happiest Man in the whole World”, who could it be? Got any idea? He sure must be a billionaire in USA , or a Sultan in Arab . And definitely must be single. Well, folks you all got it wrong. He is just a humble security guard in Sri Lanka. Yes, I’m not joking. […]

  • Health
    cinnamon sticks with leaves
    Is Cinnamon Good in Controlling Diabetes?

    The Spice Council of Sri Lanka has begun a three year project to research whether Cinnamon can be used to control diabetes. The Chairman of the Spice Council of Sri Lanka Mr Sara De Silva revealed that, 650 diabetes patients visit to Peradeniya Hospital and National Diabetes Centre Battaramulla will be put on a test […]

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