• Culture
    Sri Lankan Indigenous People’s Day Festival

    Uruwarige Wanniyalaththo has visited President’s House in Kandy to invite President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the Indigenous People’s Day festival which will be celebrated in Vakarai Sallathiv area on July 30 and 31 to mark World Indigenous People’s Day. Further he stated that all indigenous communities scattered around the country will be involved in this year’s […]

  • Jacqueline and Prince Hassan Break up

    Jacqueline Fernandez’s two year old relationship with Bahrani prince Sheikh Hassan bin Rashid Al Khalifa ended few weeks ago. The former Miss Sri Lanka and actress has been dating Sheikh Hassan bin Rashid Al Khalifa, one of the members of the reigning royal family of Bahrain for more than two years. The actress’s often visits […]

  • Roshan Ranawana Online

    “I believe that the key to a successful life is to be happy with what you have and make the best out of it”, Famous film star Roshan Ranawana quoted on top of his official web site. Roshan who has proven his talents in acting, singing and dancing launched his official web site roshanranawanaonline at […]

  • Travel
    Air taxi service begins in Sri Lanka

    “It was a fantastic ride and we both enjoyed the breathtaking scenery on a clear sunny day and above all being up in the skies all by ourselves on our special day,” bride groom Danushka Magage said after their honeymoon air ride to a hotel in south of Sri Lanka. This was the first honeymoon […]

  • News
    “I have sought legal advice for divorce” – Nehara Pieris

    Last week all the “gossip medias” overflowed with a breaking news about famous tele drama actress Nehara Pieris. The news said that Nehara’s husband has hit Nehara’s father with an ash tray over an argument of Nehara’s secret affair with an another famous tele drama actor Menaka Rajapaksha. Menaka and Nehara were the main  characters […]

  • “dl Step” – T.M Dilshan’s new fashion store

    Sri Lanka Cricket captain Tilakaratne Dilshan has recently entered to the garment industry with the opening of new clothing shop “DL Step”. Being an actor himself with the movie “Sinhawalokanaya”T.M. Dilshan opened this new fashion store  along with his famous film star and tele drama actress  wife Manjula  Thilini. The location of the DL Step […]

  • Travel
    Five Star Camping with Kulu Safari.

    The Moon is crawling up the sky beyond the lake, a herd of elephants ambling along the lake for their final bath for the day , two sloth bears rushed to the forest  upon arrival of the giants, yet the wild buffalos have no intention of leaving the water. Sitting in comfortable  verandah chairs in […]

  • Specials
    How Can Sri Lankan use the internet for a worthy course

    There is a significant increase in Internet users in Sri Lanka. It’s not a sophisticated method anymore. But, the question remains “are we using the Internet for a worthy cause?’ Youth waste their precious time in Social Networking sites. There is no harm in building up a good social network around you. The truth is […]

  • News
    Eliyantha White Is Dangerous – President

    Eliyantha Lindsay White, supernatural healer, miracle doctor, a charlatan it’s up to you to decide. The latest rumor says that President Mahinda Rajapakse told a friend that the controversial healer was a dangerous man as he dabbled in the spirit world. According to Mr.Rajapakse Dr. Eliyantha’s brand of healing required a great deal of dabbling […]

  • News
    “Channel 4 Video on Sri Lanka is a fake”- video forensic analyst

    You can watch the full “Sri Lanka’s Killing Field” Video – Here Mr. Siri Hewavitharana, who is one of the world’s leading experts on digital video systems has been analysed the new Channel 4 video of alleged extra-judicial killings in Sri Lanka as a fake and a completely fabricated production. He is the former head […]

  • Travel
    Hiking in “Kanneliya” rain forest

    When speaking about rain forests in Sri Lanka, Sinharaja is the first to be mentioned. But unknown to many there is another one in South of Sri Lanka, Kanneliya , the largest of the remaining rainforest complex known as KDN complex. The KDN complex stands for Kanneliya – Dediyagala- Nakiyadeniya. Kanneliya is one of the […]

  • Travel
    Whale watching in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is a well known destination among nature lovers as the world’s one of the best places to spot blue whales and sperm whales. The conditions for whale watching in Sri Lanka are possibly some of the finest you will find; hot tropical sun, mainly clement weather conditions, an hour’s boat journey from the […]

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