• Culture
    Two recent incidents of Erotomania in Sri Lanka

    Yesterday News Papers reported that Sri Lanka police arrested a girl who claimed that she is married to a popular Sri Lankan cricketer. She has gone to the Cricketers home with fake marriage certificates. She was arrested by Mount Lavinia police on April 20 and she was remanded until May 27. She is said to […]

  • Culture
    Capturing ghost in a bottle

    Following video is from ITN “wenasa” program. This clips is about the existence of occult souls among us. The boy, Shehan claims that he can clearly see ghosts and gods. There are many witch doctors in Sri Lanka who capture these souls in bottles when these devils do harm to families. In this video they […]

  • Sri Lankan parents teach difficult british girls

    Around the world parents raise their kids on strict disciplines. There is a British program which send difficult teens from Britain to be better persons in other countries. We all agree that children in western countries are raised differently, specially with lot of freedom to make their own decisions. Asians living in these affluent countries […]

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