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    How to Import Goods to Sri Lanka

    This article summarize the procedure of importing goods to Sri Lanka. New entrepreneurs who want to start a business which involve importing goods to Sri lanka will specially find this article useful. We have also included important information on how you can import personal belongings to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Customs is the regulatory body […]

  • Finance
    Past and Present Wealthiest of Sri Lanka

    Ever wondered who is the richest person in Sri Lanka ? We all know about the world’s richest list but we never heard of a proper list of Sri lankan richest. Most of the wealthiest in the past were exemplary philanthropists. In this article we talk about few past and present wealthiest people in Sri […]

  • Get a Free Mobile Connection at Airport – Exclusively for Migrant Workers

    Thousands of Sri lankans work abroad. Most of them travel frequently in and out of the country.  It is imperative to have a mobile calling connection when you arrive at the airport to make connections with the family as soon as possible. Migrants workers contribute to Sri lanka economy and development immensely. In recognition of […]

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    Invest In Gold With A Sri lankan Bank

    Investment In Gold Gold has been used as a form of money throughout the history. The price of this precious metal is increasing almost every single day. Investment of Gold is the most popular as an investment on commodities. Investing on Gold usually needs some capital and knowledge of the investment market. Now Sri lankans […]

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    MAjestic City - Bambalapitiya
    Where to Shop in Colombo

    Those on the lookout for some serious shopping will definitely enjoy the groovy, vibrant Colombo. Indisputably the best shopping in Sri Lanka, Colombo offers everything from bustling outdoor markets to chic shopping malls and from colourful street vendors to specialty boutiques. But that’s not just it- you will find the prices almost as good as […]

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    Achieve your youth passion through HNB ‘Yauwanabhimana’

    Youth is a National asset, which represents the future of a Nation. By providing with the right tools and opportunities, youth talent and potential can be cultivated to create incredible success. A new chapter in the history of Sri Lankan youth begun with the launch of “Yauwanabhimana” the first youth empowerment program under the umbrella […]

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    Relationship Banking with a Sri Lankan touch

    Relationship banking is a process that involves proactively anticipating the needs of individual bank customers and taking steps to satisfy those needs before the client presents them. This new approach of the Banks working to develop the relationship between the Bank and the customer, assessing his or her individual situation, and making suggestions for various services offered […]

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    Make your higher education dream a reality through a Student Loan

    A good higher education is the key to a world of endless possibilities. More and more Sri Lankan students tend to get qualifications from both local and foreign institutions in the recent days. Thousands of foreign Universities and higher education institutions open their local branches here in Sri Lanka during the recent past. But still […]

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    Safe, Speedy and Cost Effective Money transfers to Sri Lanka

    Migrant worker population of Sri Lanka has increased significantly over the years, and become the major source of foreign currency inflows to the country.  “MoneyGram” and “Western Union” money transfer services are highly popular among Sri Lankan migrant worker population as the main money transfer options to Sri Lanka. In this article I am going […]

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    Where to get maximum benefits to your NRFC Account

    NRFC accounts should be opened in the name of Sri Lankan Nationals or Non-Nationals who had at any time been a Sri Lanka national, while they are resident abroad or within 90 days of their return to Sri Lanka after employment abroad. These accounts may be held jointly, provided all joint account holders confirm these […]

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    Housing Loan for Migrant Workers

    House of your own is everybody’s dream. You sacrifice your precious time, leisure to make this dream a reality. Perhaps it may be the main reason you are working abroad, to earn something to build a house to live with your loved ones. You don’t have to wait until you return back to start constructing […]

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    Tips on investing in the booming Sri Lankan economy

    Sri Lanka’s post-war economy is booming. The peaceful environment is luring large scale investment as well as an influx of tourists from around the world, brining in the much needed foreign currency. A $1 billion sale of sovereign dollar bonds last month was more than seven times oversubscribed. According to the Central Bank the country’s […]

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    Central Bank further relaxes foreign exchange regulations

    The Central Bank (CB) on Wednesday (17) announced the further relaxation of foreign exchange regulations, which will come into immediate effect. Last November, the CB revised exchange control regulations and introduced several measures aimed at boosting investment. Among the new policy measures are – selected super markets could exchange foreign currency notes; Sri Lankan students […]

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