• Heritage
    The Story of Rosmead Place Tintagel Boutique Hotel

    Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) will ceremonially open 15th November 2013 at Colombo and most of the Heads of participating countries have already visited Sri Lanka at the moment. While all the Heads of Government scheduled to be accommodated at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel Colombo, a ‘Boutique Hotel’ with historical value is being arranged […]

  • Fashion
    Hand loom sarees
    Hand Loom Industry in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lankan history has many stories to tell us about the hand loom industry which has been done even during the time in which Prince Vijaya stepped into the island. Our ancestors have been used to weave clothes from threads a long time back and still in some areas the hand loom industry blossoms. Classic […]

  • Heritage
    Rawana -Hero or a Villain

    Sri Lanka being one of the most influential countries in the world history, has a history that expands up to 30000 years and according to the various legends ,Sri Lanka is considered to be the Homeland of Rawana, the all mighty leader of the Yakkas, who is believed to have ruled the world with his […]

  • Heritage
    The Treasury to solve “Elephant – Train Conflict”

    Elephant is one of the main biological treasures in Sri Lanka, and one of the major tourist attraction reasons for the country. But unfortunately the fate of these wild giants has changed dramatically over the years and now faces the danger of extinction from this enchanted island. Human elephant conflict played the vital role in […]

  • Heritage
    Kate Middleton to promote Sri Lankan Blue Sapphires?

    Sri Lanka has a glittering history for its gems, hence this enchanted island was better known as the “Rathna Deepa” or Gem Island in the ancient history. According to our Buddhist history the Lord Buddha has visited Sri Lanka to solve a probable war between two kings “Cchulodhara” “Mhodhara”over a gem studded plate. King “Soloman” […]

  • “Migrant Watch” to get a closer looks at migrant birds visiting Sri Lanka

    Migrating birds are among the most remarkable components of global biodiversity. Their seasonal migrations, which almost often are many thousands of miles long, have captured man’s curiosity and awe. Birds migrate for various reasons of which are complex and yet not fully understood by man. The simpler explanation is food, safe breeding grounds and weather. […]

  • The Beauty Of Beeralu Lace

    With ethical consciousness growing among customers the world over, many young local fashion designers are looking to the past for inspiration. They have begun to value traditional arts and crafts and in the process Beeralu lace has found its way into high fashion clothing in a big way. The Sinhala name for lace is Renda […]

  • Sri Lanka’s dwindling coral reefs

    For hundreds of years, coral reefs have been a valuable resource for the people of Sri Lanka, particularly those living along the coastal belt. Places such as Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Trincomalee and the Bar-Reef in Kalpitiya are home to some of the most beautiful Coral Reefs in the world. However, irresponsible mining of corals have resulted […]

  • The Magnificent Kandy Esala Perahera

    The spectacular Kandy Esala Perahera, which commenced on July 31 with the planting of the ‘Kapa’ (Kapsituvima), will parade the ancient city of Kandy in all its glory until August 14, when the final Day Perahera will be held. With both local and foreign tourists flocking to the city, accommodation is something hard to find […]

  • The Wonderful Gems of Ceylon

    The Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association (SLGJA) will hold its annual exhibition – FACETS 2011 – from September 8 to 11 at the BMICH, Colombo. Organizers expect a large number of business delegations from different parts of the world to attend this four-day event. Vice Chairman of SLGJA, A.H.M Imtizam, believes that FACETS 2011 […]

  • Heritage
    Dambulla and the Rose Quartz Mountains

    Underneath the gigantic Dambulla rock, immortalized by the illustrious singing duo Chitra and P L A Somapala with their perennial song ‘Dambulu Gale’, is the largest and best preserved temple complex in Sri Lanka, the Rangiri Dambulu Viharaya. The Rock is more than 1.5km around its base and 550km high and according to historical records, […]

  • Ancient Ceylon Image Collection – Transport

    Sri Lankans are proud of our history. We recently received few beautiful images of ancient Sri Lanka and we have selected the images related to transport, railway and road development here. This collection of images show our roads few decades back and main transport system. i.e. bullock carts. I assume that the last picture is […]

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