• Technology
    Nanotechnology Opens a New Technological Revolution

    Development of a country is beckoned by it’s technological progress. We are living in an era where technological advancements have been interconnected with the lives we lead. Without new innovations life in the world we live in is not facilitated. We have already witnessed Social Revolutions back in 1960’s and the Industrial Revolution before that. […]

  • Technology
    Mobile Phone IMEI
    How You Can Check Your Mobile Phone’s Quality

    In Sri Lanka over 87% were using mobile phones in year 2011 and by now the country’s level of mobile phone usage has gone drastically high. Some household members have two or three mobile phones per person and it could be the reason that the statistics shows hike of mobile phone utilization from year 2006 […]

  • News
    Things you should know about Google Drive

    Google has officially launched the long awaited Google Drive on 24th April 2012. An average person who knows about the computer understand the ‘Hard Drive’ ‘Flash Drive’ etc  associates with it that use to store data. Google drive does the same but with more sophisticated way as it’s the newest Cloud Storage device introduced to […]

  • Technology
    ‘Book Hub’ – Sri Lanka’s first ever e-book store

    Reading a good book usually gets you information, which in turn can be converted into knowledge but most importantly it guides you to achieve wisdom. It helps people be knowledgeable as well as thoughtful. For generations, Sri Lankans have been a nation that loved literature, but the reading habit has decreased to fairly low levels […]

  • Technology
    Free calls to USA or Canada using Magicjack

    This article is to explain how you can use Magicjack to call your relatives in Canada or USA for only 19.95 USD (US Dollars) Per year. Magicjack won the award for the product of the year in 2009. It does not have any monthly fee. This service is used by many Americans and Canadians who […]

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