• Culture
    Negombo Lagoon
    Negombo : The Beach-Front Paradise

    That was more than a paradise to Portuguese who found the wild cinnamon that grow in the area is the very best in the world and lagoon’s shallow water provided safe shelter for their sea vessels. Without having a proper idea of where they have been landed to, they went for a walk to observe […]

  • Society
    new year resolution
    What should your “New Year Resolutions” be?

    We have come to an end of another year. The time has swept away and another end opens the door for another beginning. We await for the dawn of new year with new hopes and dreams. When the clock struck midnight on December 31st we will be celebrating with loads of firecrackers and loud music […]

  • Finance
    Soma Edirisingha
    The Success Story of Soma Edirisinghe

    Soma Edirisinghe is one of the foremost donors in Sri Lanka and undoubtedly one of the wealthiest persons in Sri Lanka. As common to other wealthiest she is not inherited her present luxurious life. Born in 1939 in a family of nine her father Charles Perera was a small scale planter and mother was an […]

  • Celebrity Gallery
    I have a good demand – Nirosha Perera

    Nirosha Perera is a well-known TV presenter and an actress who has first came to the field from Sirasa TV.Irosha Perera is her younger sister with whom she has presented the popular talk show “Iroshai Niroshai” some years back in Sirasa TV. Nirosha’s elder sister Nilushi Perera acted in a tele drama several years ago […]

  • Society
    Story of Rashmi And The Lessons That We Should Learn

    Rashmi Nimesha Gunawardana is a ten year old young student of Daraniyagala Deloluwa Junior School, who had been born with only one leg and going to a normal school just like other children in her village. However, she has never been discouraged by having one leg to do all the work in the world. Instead […]

  • Society
    Lodge a Complaint to Police Using SMS

    Now Sri Lankan public can report or make a complaint to Sri lanka police using their mobile phones. This service is a pilot project currently underway in the Southern Province. This project has been introduced to Sri Lanka as a concept to establish community police service by Asia Foundation. Government of Scotland has also come […]

  • News
    The Lady who deals with God “Natha”

    A few months ago a research done by a group of team in Kelaniya University has agitated the society. The group finding was a high concentration of arsenic in pesticides and was said to be causing chronic kidney disease in Rajarata. This ground breaking research was however `guided by divine intervention` the leader of the […]

  • Who will get the hangman’s job?

    “Most people approve of capital punishment, but most people wouldn’t do the hangman’s job.” Said George Orwell but in Sri Lanka there are men who are willing to take up the job. The Prisons Department has called upon applications for the post of Hangman “Alugosuwa”, recently and so far received six applications according to the […]

  • Sri Lankan Pablo Picasso in Prison of “Welikada?”

    “Prisoners are also Humans;” this is the motto that is caved in the walls of Braisline Road, “Welikada” Prison, Sri Lanka along with the gigantic painting of a mother and an infant. The talented artist behind the “motherly love” painting is a young man, who had been jailed for drug dealing in April, 1991. This […]

  • What is happening at Badrakali Amman Temple in Galthanna, Kandy.

    One of our lanka help Question and Answer site users has asked a question about the Galthanna, Badrakali Temple. She has come to know about the malpractices happening in this temple. The writer of this article who is living out side of the island developed an interest to do an online research about this temple […]

  • General Sarath Fonseka Birthday Wishes Collection

    Sri Lankans all around the world are conveying their gratitude to Gen. Sarath Fonseka on his birth day.  Many Sri Lankans have organized religious activities to give blessings to Gen Sarath Fonseka who unfortunately has to spend his sixtieth birth day in jail. We collected many posters, cards that were created by great hero’s well […]

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