• Privatization of Higher Education in Sri Lanka

    Being a developing country Sri Lanka has a significantly higher rate of literacy of 91.2% in 2013. Many say the free education for primary, secondary and higher have a major role to play in this high rate. Since Minister C.W.W. Kanangara declared free education for all students in Sri Lanka in 1940s, Sri Lankan education […]

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    Let’s get to know about Road Accidents.

    There are various types of accidents that you’ve come across. There are various kinds of accidents, but the most common of all is Road Accidents. Road accidents may cause injuries and sometimes death. In Sri Lanka there are many road accidents reported everyday. When you listen to news you can notice a considerable number of […]

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    Why is it important to be an educated citizen?

    What is education? Education is normally considered as learning in which the knowledge about various subject matters, inventions, discoveries and etc. are given from one generation to another generation. As we all know education is a major right for all human beings in the world. Article 13 of the United Nations’ 1966 International Covenant on […]

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    An Insight to Turtle Species in Indian Ocean.

    “Extinction” as it sounds is a word which gains much attention from scientists and communities of eco-friendly nature. Recently with the news concerning a a rare species of white turtle worth over Rs.10 million rupees, been robbed from the Kosgoda Turtle Research Institute, attention towards turtle conservation projects augmented. Turtles have always been regarded as […]

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    Colour Psychology
    Colorful Facts for Your Living Environment

    It has become a custom that most of among us usher in the New Year with a long list of New Year resolutions; lose weight, save money, quit smoking… What about ‘making your living environment more colorful to be one of them this time? If you are in, here are some interesting facts that you […]

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    Lanka Help Celebrates Its Three Years Online

    Its our Birth Day today. We are now three years old and starting fourth year online. Lanka Help site was launched on November 11, 2010. Our main objectives were to provide information related to Sri Lannka and Sri Lankans living all over the world and to promote Sri Lanka in a positive manner. We are […]

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    import used car
    How to Import a Vehicle That You Have Used Abroad.

    The price of brand new or reconditioned vehicles is sky rocketing day by day and people are in search of ways to import vehicles with tax concessions to Sri Lanka. The permit holders of vehicles thrive as they have plenty of opportunities to sell their permits. Since the sale of vehicle permits legalized now,most of […]

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    I wish I receive a letter

    Did you receive a letter recently from anyone close to you? No, I’m not referring an email, a hand written letter. Hmm… You don’t remember don’t you? Tell you the truth, even I didn’t remember it either. The technology has changed over life style dramatically over the time unaware by most of us. There were […]

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    I have a good demand – Nirosha Perera

    Nirosha Perera is a well-known TV presenter and an actress who has first came to the field from Sirasa TV.Irosha Perera is her younger sister with whom she has presented the popular talk show “Iroshai Niroshai” some years back in Sirasa TV. Nirosha’s elder sister Nilushi Perera acted in a tele drama several years ago […]

  • Cricket
    Angelo and heshani wedding Day
    Angelo Mathews and Heshani’s Love Story

    It is no more a news that Sri Lankan skipper Anelo Mathews had his wedding recently. Angelo got married Heshani Silva on July 18, 2013. The wedding ceremony was held at Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo.   I am sure our readers must be interesting to know about this lucky girl who won the heart […]

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    Story of Rashmi And The Lessons That We Should Learn

    Rashmi Nimesha Gunawardana is a ten year old young student of Daraniyagala Deloluwa Junior School, who had been born with only one leg and going to a normal school just like other children in her village. However, she has never been discouraged by having one leg to do all the work in the world. Instead […]

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    Featured Videos of LHM

    This page is dedicated to Lanka Help Magazine’s featured videos. We will be showcasing one important video in our home page. This page will list all the previously featured videos as we do believe these videos are really of use and of interest to us as Sri Lankans. Also, you will find quick links to […]

  • One on One with First Lady, Shiranthi Rajapaksa

    She is the First Lady of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Shiranthi Rajapaksa (nee Wickramasinghe) the beloved wife of the sixth Executive President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa. Born in Pin-araawa Badulla to late Commodore E. P. Wickramasinghe and Mrs. Violet Wickramasinghe, Shiranthi spent much of her formative years in the hill country. As […]

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    Southern Expressway the Path way to the emerging wonder of Asia

    Southern Express Way or Route number E 1will be ceremonially opened by the H.E.the president Mahinda Rajapaksha on November 27. Southern Expressway is the Sri Lanka’s first fee-levying highway and the first expressway in Sri Lanka and it is the longest expressway out of proposed expressway network. This high way is a part of an […]

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