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    The fish which can live outside of water – True facts

    A Fish which survives without water – Story from Sri Lanka – Video This story of an incredible Gourami fish living outside of water comes from Sri Lanaka. Recently a popular Sri Lankan News Channel, Swarnavahini broadcasted an amazing video of a real Gourami fish in Bataduwa suburb, in Galle City, Sri Lanka. This Giant […]

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    Musician Ananda Perera Needs your Help

    Famous Sri Lankan musician Ananda Perera is receiving hospital treatment at the Kandy National Hospital due to kidney failure. Ananda was  the founder of the band “Shakthi” which was later named as “Siha Shakthi”. Siha Shakthi was  a Sri Lankan band that was composed of vocalist/instrumentalist Ananda Perera, tablist/arranger Gallage, vocalist Jayantha, instrumentalist Mahendra, vocalist […]

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    How Can Sri Lankan use the internet for a worthy course

    There is a significant increase in Internet users in Sri Lanka. It’s not a sophisticated method anymore. But, the question remains “are we using the Internet for a worthy cause?’ Youth waste their precious time in Social Networking sites. There is no harm in building up a good social network around you. The truth is […]

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    Children Movies Collection

    Lanka Help Magazine wish to inform our readers that we have added a new page to our magazine. This page: children movie collection will feature movies for kids. We hope to add movies from all languages including Sinhalease and English. I hope our visitors would share this page with friends and families who have kids […]

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