Chithra Somapala and P.L.A. Somapala's song "Dambulugale" is sung to new music by their son , internationally acclaimed rock star Chithral Somapala. Please also visit following pages related to Chithral Somapala. Chithral Somapala - Multi Talented musical son of Sri Lanka - Article - READ HERE Interview with Chity Somapale - Video - WATCH HERE Nadee Ganga Tharanaye - Original Song by Chithral Somapala - LISTEN HERE Chity Somapala - Live On Stage - Video - WATCH HERE Chithral Somapala - Image Galary - SEE HERE Believing the Dream - Cricket world cup song by Chithral- WATCH HERE Dambulugale - Original song by Chity's parents , Chithra Somapala and P.L.A. Somapala


  1. Krish

    What a talent ! I wish Chithral will make more and more songs for Sri Lankans. Thanks Lanka Help Magazine for sharing this great song with us. I should admit that he has not done any damage to his parents original. I listened to this song many times now. Cheers !!!

  2. Channa

    Oh Irajla kale …. Really good singer. Why he is not famous among Sri Lankans. Thanks Lanka Help for making him known to us. I love his voice. Oh I love the beat in new version of “Dambulugale’

  3. Shanthapriya

    I agree with the other comments. Blending of western music, western accent with original Sinhala song is amazing. Great example for budding musicians in SL who have become total failure after trying to be like western performers. There can be so many understandable and valid reasons why he is not or will not be popular in Sri Lanka. 

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