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Flying Fish

An Amazing video of flying fish (Silver Carp) on Wabash River in Indiana, USA.
Group of nature lovers in Indian, USA are in quest of silver calf. The silver carp story shown in the video clip above has a comical side of to it but also has a very series side of it which we are going to discuss below.

Silver carp are a type of Asian carp. In North America four species of carps are found, namely Common carp, Grass carp, Big head carp and Silver Carp. What makes the Silver carp which is nick named flying carp is so unique among the four is that they leap out of the water. What they have found is that vibrations of the water from boats trend to startle the fish which make them leap out of the water. They jump 6 – 8 feet and sometime ten feet out of the water. Mind you, there are not small fishes. These are fish who could weight 10-20 pounds and some can be up to 100 pounds of size. So you can imagine the safety concerns of the boater who is speeding down the water to his favorite fishing place, or may be out water skating with the family. All of a sudden you have dozens of these fish leaping out of the water. These fishes literally jump out of the water in to the boat.

Back in 1970s, Silver carps were brought in to the United States from Asia to serve as a method of Aquaculture in eating and cleaning up blue green algae in Cat Fish farms. Unfortunately during the flood of major rivers, water get in to the ponds and fish got out of the ponds. Now we find this fish throughout the Illinois waterway system. We got them in the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohiyo, illiniod. They are spreading through the rivers towards great lakes.

The biggest problem of this, in environmental point of view, is that fact that Silver carps are bottom feeders, they feed on plankton. They are very good at it and they can eat lot of plankton. Now they are competing directly with the sport fish and native fish. The bigger these fish get, the numerous they get, more chances are literally eating out all the foods and depriving native fish of the foods they need to survive. Because these fish are bottom feeders, small fisherman have noway to catch them basically as they are using hook and line type of system. There are some companies who are trying to find a commercial use whether as a food product or a fertilizer type of product.

Scientist are concerned that Silver carp may continue to move north in to the Miami river system and then in to the great lakes. This is a major concern as Great lakes has seven billion dollar a year fishery which will be devastated by these invasive fish. Both Illinois and Indiana are building fences across the rivers in a bid to stop the movement of these fish to great lakes.

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