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Lanka Help web site is to share knowledge and information among Sri Lankans living all around the world. Our aim is to build an online sri lankan community of Sri Lankans who like to read and share high quality interesting information related to Sri Lanka. There are few ways that users of this site can contribute to make this online community a success.

1. Participating in Lanka Help Questions and Answer Page:

People who are seeking information about Sri Lankans or Sri lanka use this site to post questions. We kindly request our users to share their knowledge by answering questions in various categories. Click here to go to lanka help Question and Answers.

2. Writing to Lanka help magazine :

We can offer the privilege of adding articles to the Lanka help magazine page. If you like sharing your knowledge and love writing please send us a message. As this is a magazine, you can write on any interesting filed that are important to Sri Lankans. We will consider an adequate compensation for those who live in Sri Lanka and can send us news articles regularly. If you are willing to become a writer or if you have any interesting article to add to this magazine please contact us using our contact form.
Following are few areas that you can write on:
1. Sri Lanka News
2. Sri Lanka travel and tourism
3. Sri Lanka History, culture and society
4. Sri lankan Authentic recipes
5. Sport news
6. Entertainment News
7. Articles on our values and traditions
8. Social service
9. Promotions

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