• Wild life Fantasy…. “Wilpattu”

    Wilpattu National park is one of the most beautiful wild life attractions in Sri Lanka. The easiest way to get there is by taking the Colombo–Puttalam main road and it’s about a 4 hour comfortable drive from the capital to the park entrance. Wilpattu was named a national park due to its exquisite natural beauty, […]

  • Culture
    Negombo Lagoon
    Negombo : The Beach-Front Paradise

    That was more than a paradise to Portuguese who found the wild cinnamon that grow in the area is the very best in the world and lagoon’s shallow water provided safe shelter for their sea vessels. Without having a proper idea of where they have been landed to, they went for a walk to observe […]

  • Society
    new year resolution
    What should your “New Year Resolutions” be?

    We have come to an end of another year. The time has swept away and another end opens the door for another beginning. We await for the dawn of new year with new hopes and dreams. When the clock struck midnight on December 31st we will be celebrating with loads of firecrackers and loud music […]

  • Entertainment
    Sandakadapahana Relaunch
    Sunil Edirisinghe launches “Sadakada Pahana” at BMICH

    Sunil Edirisinghe, the great veteran vocalist is ready to unveil his next “Sadakada Pahana” musical miscellany as an unprecedented magnificent evening on 28th December at BMICH from 7.00 pm onwards. Patikirige Sunil Jayapreethi Edirisinghe or Sunil Edirisinghe, is a laureate musician who has triumphed as well as proudly represents the classical musical tradition in Sri […]

  • Finance
    Soma Edirisingha
    The Success Story of Soma Edirisinghe

    Soma Edirisinghe is one of the foremost donors in Sri Lanka and undoubtedly one of the wealthiest persons in Sri Lanka. As common to other wealthiest she is not inherited her present luxurious life. Born in 1939 in a family of nine her father Charles Perera was a small scale planter and mother was an […]

  • Entertainment
    Rathna Lalani and Sampath Thennakoon
    “Abhinayana Sampath-Ratna Rangabhumika” Drama Festival

    Rathna Lalani Jayakodi and Sampath Thennakoon are undoubtedly the most famous couple in the Sri Lankan stage drama. The duo has sacrificed more than half of their lives to enrich the Sri Lankan stage drama. Through their journey of nourishing the stage drama Rathna and Samapth have come to another valuable milestone of their career. […]

  • Finance
    How to get your Revenue License Online – A step by step description

    The Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) has introduced a “whole -of – Government” service counter for the benefit of vehicle owners in Western Province, making it easy for vehicle owners to register their vehicles, obtain revenue licenses, buy insurance cover and carry out vehicle emission tests under one roof. The aim is to implement a […]

  • Entertainment
    Sonali Daraniyagala - the writer of "Wave" novel
    “Wave” – a Novel by Sonali Deraniyagala.

    “Their promise, my children’s possibilities, still linger in our home” The above quote is taken from Sonali Deraniyagala’s novel “Wave” which was listed as a New York Times Bestseller recently. The author is a survivor in the 2004 tsunami tragedy but has lost her family and parents in the tragic natural disaster. She has miraculously […]

  • Entertainment
    Dulani Anuradha in Wet Clothes
    Parawarthana Sinhala Film – Photos & Trailer

    Jayanath Gunawardhana’s maiden movie “Parawarthana” will be on silver screen from January 19, 2014. The name – Jayanath Gunawarana – may sound familiar to you. Yes, he is a proficient and accomplished camera director who has done camera direction in thirty films. He has also worked in seventy-five films as an assistant camera director. He […]

  • Travel
    Must Haves While Traveling.

    When we are fed up with the normal routine and our daily activities we tend to seek amusement in different ways. Traveling to new places is done mostly to get out of the cloying daily boredom. Some may travel in search of knowledge. And some others will travel for business purposes and as a part […]

  • Finance
    Festive season shopping tips
    Shopping Tips for this Festive Season.

    It’s the time of the year again when you await for the dawn of happiness and freedom after a whole year of ordeal and depressing hard work. December is the month in which you seek some time to spend with your loved ones. Make this December a memorable one by giving your loved ones the […]

  • Finance
    How to complain against the bank
    Know Your Rights on Banking

    The number of Banks in operation in Sri Lanka amounting to twnty-four out of which nine Banks are Licensed Specialized Banks. Bank density (Number of Bank branches per 100,000 person) is around 11. With the rapid expansion in Bank branches it is estimated that the Bank density will exceed thirty by year 2015. According to […]

  • Travel
    Riverston – The Top of the World?

    The land of Sri Lanka is an extra ordinarily blessed island. Surrounded by the beautiful sea centered by the highlands and the amazing landscape of the country is a remarkable creation of nature. The geographical location of the country being closer to the equator, has blessed the country with a moderate dry climate and pleasant […]

  • Cricket
    Percy Abeysekara
    “Percy” – the One Man Cheering Squad of Sri Lanka

    “I’m aged 77 now, two days younger to Sir Garfield Sobers, and most of the cricketers known to me commented that I’m in good shape than him” boasted the one man cheering squad of Sri Lanka, Percy Abeysekara. The young at heart, “Percy Uncle” as referred by the young (he is not a youngster any […]

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