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Part Time Online Jobs for Sri Lankans

We are looking for Sri Lankans who are willing to earn some extra cash by working to our websites from your home. The required tasks mainly involve providing content to our web sites but there is a wider variety of ways that you can contribute. Please send us a letter indicating your willingness and capacity to work and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please indicate your preferable method for contacting (Phone, E-mail) in the letter. If you know anybody who is well suited for this opportunity, please do not hesitate to share this page.  

Following are few categories of Contributers that we are currently looking for :

1. Retired Journalists or Current Journalists who would like to earn some extra cash (Monthly Salary or Per Article/Per tasks Payments)

2. School children and University students who need some extra cash (Monthly Salary or Per Task Payments)

3. Housewives  who have some time to work Online (Monthly Salary or Per Task Payments)

4. Those who can provide interesting articles  and Expatriates (Per task/ per article payments)

5. Students doing English Languages in University and Mass Media Students

6. Youth who are searching for Jobs

As already mentioned we need content providers to our websites, but this spans in a wider area.  We can allocate the tasks for you depending on your Skills and Capacity. Following are few basic requirements.

1. Willingness to work for some extra cash

2. Access to  e-mail and Internet  – not for long hours

3. Good English writing skills (Not creative writing skills, General English writing skill is adequate)

Following are few Skills we are looking for but this is not a complete list. Tell us your Skills and Capacity , We surely have a job for you.

1.  Cricket Fans – Retired gentlemen or School kids are the ideal contributers

2. Cooking Skills – House wives and chefs

3. Writing Skills both English and Sinhala – House wives,  School children, University student, Retired Gentlemen.

4. Translating Articles (Sinhala – English)

5. School children with graphic designing skills

6. Mass Media and Journalism students

7. Unemployed Youth who would like to travel, meet with people.

Please send your letter to following E-mail. The letter should contain your age, location, current employment status, your interests and which one of above categories you belong to along with your description about your skills and capacity. We would contact you as soon as possible.


Thank You!

Lanka Help Team.

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110 thoughts on “Part Time Online Jobs for Sri Lankans

  1. I am very keen to take up this offer since I always aspired to work as a part time or freelance writer. As per my CV I have 3 years experience in the Travel and Tourism industry and believe I have the potential to provide articles related to your Webpage.

    Greatly looking forward to hear from you soon,

    Many Thanks & Best Regards,

    PS; Have submitted all details via email.

  2. I m very eager to work with my writing skills adding up with earning too. I feel this will be an opportunity to  hone-up my writing ability. I Thank for the creator behind this opportunity. 

  3. Thanks,very encouraging,interested in write up on current affairs,Cricket,Politics and would like to Travel and meet people,Part time Driving,Student and Skilled Worker migration are the subjects that I like to deal with – HM Chris

  4. Extremely sorry for the delay. But I hope late is better than never and I’ve already sent my application letter. I’m also willing to work part time and make some extra cash to mange the expenses for my University studies.

  5. I believe late is better than never and I’ve already sent my details in an email to the above mentioned address. I also see this as a great opportunity to put my skills into use and make some extra cash, which would be beneficial to manage my expenses of University Education. 
    I’m awaiting a favorable reply.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  6. Hi, I have finished my London O levels and currently i also finished my degree foundation program and um studding for my bachelors degree in network engineering at Singapore Informatics. I would like a part time job to earn my pocket money.

  7. I wish to join in this freelance job as a translator (from Tamil- English or English – Tamil) or report writer, etc. I’m a undergraduate student of Universty of Moratuwa in Town & Country Planning. I have a good communication fluency in English and Tamil. I want to do a profession to manage my expenses for my studies. Please take concern on my request…. 
    Thank you

  8. I’m a school leaver with an outstanding knowledge in both English Language and Literature.Therefore,I’d like to join with u as a creative writer,report writer & Sinhala-English translator for earning some cash for my higher educations.I’m currently doing IELTS.

  9. I’m under graduate at university of Ruhuna.I have creative hand for writing articults to newspapers.I think u will join me to your team.

  10. I’m am undergraduate of Fashion Designing and product development, from University of Moratuwa. I would love to work with you as a part time employer. These are the the areas i can chose from your list of skills , Big Cricket Fan, Graphic Design skills, of skills related to fashion field… So i will send you further details in my letter. Hope you will find me a good part time opportunity. 

  11. I am a second year undergraduate of University of Kelaniya studying English, French and Language Translation Methods. I’ve sent you a mail including my details and please do inform me if my skills and capacities suit your vacancies.

  12. giving helping hand to unemployed persons is a great thing and “punyakarma. also it is benefited to  both parties and the country . therefore i really appreciated your effort. thank you very much. kularatne 

  13. Dear Readers, This opportunity still exists and you can send in the application. Please indicate how you can contribute. 

  14. i am a housewife and i am looking for a online part time job.
    I have writin,reading,speaking skills in english,good typing speed and over 10 years of secretarial exprience.

    Thank You!

  15. Hai…Im Muditha undergraduate of Uva Wellassa University .I like to work.Pls if anyone want to provide a helping hand for my education….

  16. please let me know whether the opportunity still remains. I am a private university student seeking financial aid and i have past experience in writing articles to websites and blogs.Please reply to this so hat i can send my details if the vacancy is still open.
                                                                                      Thank you.

    1. Yes we are still recruiting contributors to our web sites. you can send us an e-mail indicating your willingness and as to how you can contribute to the site.

  17. I’m a pharmacy student. and studying for IELTS exam. I can read and write English Tamil and Sinhala. I would be grateful if you could help me. 🙂

  18. I have just relinquished my job as an administrative coordinator, was based at a star class conglomerate. My passion is writing, trilingual translation, traveling, cooking etc. Interested community based activities such as child protection, violence, torture against women & children and have an aptitude for teaching underprivileged and helping downtrodden. Keen in sports such as football, rugby, cricket (shorter & longer version) athletics & formula 1 motor racing. Very much keen to find a free lance/part time placement in the field of writing, editing, translating etc. Kindly contact. Thanks

  19. i am a student doing advance level,i have a good English speaking,reading and writing skill….i would like to join you.

  20. I am a house wife of age 44.I worked as a office clerk and resigned under medical ground. I like to work at part time copy typist.

  21. At the moment I m an employee of the government sector and willing to work as part time worker on copy writing field. Already I have earned masters degree from mass media and I have a previous experience in copy writing and advertising field. There for I would like to join with your group and do my best involving.

  22. I am an employed teacher and a freelance writer. I have experience in writing to the web and content developing for more than ten years now. I am capable on covering a wide range of areas from travel records to psychology.

  23. I am a school leaver looking for a job to finance my further education, I am fluent in both Sinhala and English, and I am interested in working for you using my English skills, also I am able to travel and meet people. I have sent my email with the details, I look forward to hear from you soon.

  24. I am an MBA holder and i am running my own Tourism Business. I am also a Lecturer in Islamic Finance and looking forward to utilize my strong PR skills and Marketing knowledge to work on part time.

  25. I would like to join with you for creative sinhala writing. I m working at the ministry of Education Srilanka as a development officer. I earn my master degree from Mass media. and in these days i m doing a GAQ classes and free seninars based on the mass communication.

  26. I am a good typist . would love to work online as I have plenty of free time. Have access to Internet etc.,

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Shari Atukorala

  27. i am 18 years and i have done o/l.i am looking for a part time job in addition to my studies am learning french and flowing a salon course i felt this job company is good so i am looking foreword to your reply   

  28. I’m a house wife being in trade of Secretarial in past. Much interested in working online.
    Please let me know if you have any offers.

  29. Hi!
    I have sent you a mail with the required information
    Please get back to me soon. 
    Looking forward to work with you 🙂

  30. I am an English teacher.I have completed BA degree in subjects wete English,mass communication and sociology..I would like to work with you.

  31. I am presently a freelance writer, proof reader in the English language and operate from home. I am interested in working with you on this basis. 

  32. Hi! I am seeking for an opportunity on writing articles. As well as any other work that I am good in.

    Thank You!

  33. I am interested in undertaking part time English-Sinhalese and Sinhalese-English translations over email to serve you and make an extra earning through my experience as a Government Translator for over 17 years.

    Thank you !

  34. Hiiii, im seeking for an opportunity on writing articles…im willing to join with you…..
    Hoping to hear from you…
     Thank you…

  35. I applied via the email address provided a few days ago. I have not received a reply yet. Is the job offer still valid?

  36. im a girl who did o/l last year. i can both languages english and sinhala. writting skills and also translating sir plzz i like to do a good service to you. thankyou

  37. I am interested in writing articles on Tourism, Entertainment and Hospitality industries. I have got more than 15 yeas hand on experience in the field.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  38. I am a A/L student my writing skills are good and i have great fluency in english I understand sinhala but not to the level I excel on it
    . I would be really thankful if I can get a part time job

  39. i would like to take up the opportunity.
    i’m a student who has finished a/l’s this year in physicalscience field and awaiting results, hope to hear from you soon.

  40. Um currently following siddha medicine and surgery degree programe at trincomalee campus.looking forward to earn some extra cash.already sent my leter and looking forward to any response

  41. Hi, I am interested in working with you. I will send a letter stating my willingness. I am looking for a way to earn extra cash to continue my studies.
    Thank you

  42. Hi! Interested with above prospect of free lance writer, previous experience in writing & already published on ternational website. Do let me know if you still require writers. Thank you.

  43. Hello!
    I’m a postgraduate student in University of Peradeniya. I have experience with writing research thesis/making academic presentations/ translations (English/Sinhala) etc.
    Please inform me if you have vacancies for mentioned fields.

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