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Send Reloads to Sri Lanka Mobile Phones

Few Easy Steps to securely add reloads to phones anywhere in the world
Now you can reload pre-paid mobile phones in Sri Lanka. If you work or live in abroad you can use this method to share your love with them. Also you can save lot of money on your calls to Sri Lanka by getting them to call your skype from their mobile. You can read how your friends and family can call you from their mobile phone for just Rs. 2.00 here. This will save you more than 75% of your call expenses to Sri Lanka.

Lanka Help Magazine has partnered with world pioneer phone recharge service and they provide a very secure method of sending money to Sri Lankan prepaid phones like Dialog, Hutch, Mobitel and Etislat. Use the box given below and select the country, telephone provider and amount of money. Then click on the “Send Rechrge Now” button. Then you can sign up free and you need not to enter your credit card or financial information for registration. Once sign up you can come back and recharge mobile phone anywhere in the world using this service. You can pay money using Visa , Mastercard or PayPal.

Click Here to Sign up free in our partnered International Mobile Phone Recharging Service now.


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