• Finance
    NSB, the Savings Giant is as strong as ever before

    National Savings Bank has celebrated her 40th anniversary on 16th March 2012. Although formed by statute in 1972, the Bank’s origin trace back to 1832. With the establishment of Post Office Savings Bank in 1885 the deposits and withdrawals were routed smoothly through the island wide Postal network. On 16th March 1972, the National Savings […]

  • Finance
    Invest in Fixed Deposits for higher returns

    The main reason for investing in the Fixed Deposit is to get the high interested rates. While you are keeping your money with Savings Account, you will get 4.5% p.a. (It is standard for all the banks) as the interest rate for your money. It is very low compare to the Fixed Deposit (FD). Keeping […]

  • Finance
    Achieve your youth passion through HNB ‘Yauwanabhimana’

    Youth is a National asset, which represents the future of a Nation. By providing with the right tools and opportunities, youth talent and potential can be cultivated to create incredible success. A new chapter in the history of Sri Lankan youth begun with the launch of “Yauwanabhimana” the first youth empowerment program under the umbrella […]

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