• Documentary on Sri Lanka War By Real People who were in the War Zone

    Former LTTE members, Members of Parliament from War affected area and Doctors from North and East conflict zone have come forward to tell the truth in response to Channel 4 accusations against Sri Lanka government. These are the real people who were in the war zone and they are the people who know the truth. […]

  • Channel 4 Video Clip is Dubbed : Original Video Found

    I think you have already watched the Channel 4 video documentary of Sri Lanka’s war, “Sri Lanka’s Killing Field”. Before the documentary, Channel 4 released a video showing how group of people were shot dead by a group of armed men who were wearing Sri Lanka Army uniforms. In the video that channel 4 showed; […]

  • Major General Shavendra Silva Responds to Channel 4 Video

    Majro General Shavendra Silva, one of the war hero who was in the fore front during the last stage of the war again showed his lion heart today. A team of NGOs (Crime group Society, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch) and Channel 4 Director Callum Macrae were trying to convince a group of ambassadors regarding […]

  • Prof. Rajiva Wijesingha responds to War crime allegations.

    Rajiva Wijesinha, a Sri Lankan member of parliament, and adviser on reconciliation to the president, was interviewed today by AlJazeera News Channel with regards to the claims and footage aired by British broadcaster Channel 4 which alleges Sri Lankan troops carried out atrocities near the end of the civil war. Prof. Rajiva Wijesingha is the […]

  • News
    Channel 4 New Video about Sri Lanka War

    Channel 4’s June 14 video has been released in to the world wide web. This film named Sri lanka’s killing field and much of it has been filmed using mobile phones and small cameras. According to Channel 04 this film features devastating new evidence of alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka . The film was […]

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