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Video Commercials (Advertisements) Done by Lakmal Dharmarathna

Lakmal Dharmarathna's Commercials

Lakmal Dharmarathna (AKA Laka) is one of the famous director in Sri Lanka due to his “Koombiyo” teledrama. However, he is not new to the Sri Lankan film/teledrama industry. He has directed many commercials before and he had been the assistant director in many films…

How Sri Lankans are different from rest of the world – Videos

“We, Sri lankans, are different from rest of the world” is the theme for Lanka Bell latest promotions. In their quest to promote Lanka Bell as a product of 100 % Sri Lankan, they have chosen this promotional method which is clearly out of ordinary…

Lasith Malinga’s Change the game – pepsi commercial

We earlier published Lasith Malinga , Thilakarathna Dilshan and other players Cricket world cup pepsi wall papers (Read that article here). The latest addition to this series of promotion is Lasith Malinga’s pepso video commercial. This video shows a police officer giving some balling practice…

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