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Parawarthana Sinhala Film – Photos & Trailer

Dulani Anuradha in Wet Clothes

Jayanath Gunawardhana’s maiden movie “Parawarthana” will be on silver screen from January 19, 2014. The name – Jayanath Gunawarana – may sound familiar to you. Yes, he is a proficient and accomplished camera director who has done camera direction in thirty films. He has also…

Sangili – Latest Sinhala Movie Trailer

“Sangili” is the latest Sinhala film by Lalith Pannipitiya which is due to start screening at the end of this year. Lalith Pannipitiya’s first film was  “Political Jokes” and “Sangili” is his second film. The film is about a girl whose life change after an…

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