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Giriraj & Priyantha Latest Comedy Act

This duo – Giriraj Kaushalya and Priyantha Senevirathna – are now much popular as stand up comedians in company events. The videos of their stage performances are popular in public domains like youtube. This time they do the popular roles of Member of parliament and…

Boradiya Pokuna Sinhala Film

Boradiya Pokuna Love Scene

Boradiya Pokuna is a sinhala film which was screened sometime back. It features popular and talented sri lankan artists such as Kaushalya Fernando, Dilhani Abeywardana, Liyoni Kothalawala, Giriraj Kaushalya, etc. If you missed watching this movie on screen, here is your chance to watch online….

Giriraj Kaushalya – An Interview with Giriraj’s wife Mangalika

Giriraj Kaushalya or ‘Gira’ as his colleagues used to address him is poplar as a Stage. Tele Drama and Film actor, script writer and a director. He is much favorite among his fans for his comedy acts in both cinema and Tele Dramas. Giriraj is…

Priyantha Senevirathna and Giriraj Kaushalya’s comedy show

Famous Sri Lankan artists Priyantha Senevirathna and Giriraj Kaushalya performance in an indoor show has been leaked to the Internet. I can rate this show as one of the best Sri lankan comedy scene even though it has many double meaning words. Priyantha Senevirathna is…

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